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Paul McCartney

Chris K

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When I saw the article, I just wanted to tell everyone here in case you didn't know that Mark Devlin for one has done quite a lot of work on Paul McCartney and the Beatles in general! And there is a link to a Two-Part presentation by Matt Sergiou on this very topic and others from that time and the Beatles to be found on Mark's website.



It turns out that the real Paul McCartney had a bad road accident, probably organized, and still on the scene someone bashed his head in with a hammer in a Satanic Ritual sacrifice! Then he was quickly replaced with William Wallace Shepherd, whom John Lennon nick-named Billy Shears (get it?). This was an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley! Mother "Patsy", Deirdre Patricia M. Doherty MacAlpine MacClellan.

When one, for example, compares photos of the original/real Paul beside his girlfriend Jane Asher and a little later the new one beside her, you can see the height difference!

And on the album cover of "Sergent Pepper's Lonely Heart Band" a funeral is depicted! And the old Beatles on the left all looking very sad and the new line-up in a more prominent position with the new Paul a little taller than John.




Jane Asher and Paul March 1966



Can you spot the difference now?


So, I am not very surprised to see Sir "Paul" working on behalf of the Cabal.


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