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I've Never Seen People This Friendly


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I live in an area which has never been renowned for it's friendliness: quite the opposite, actually.


In recent weeks, since the start of summer, the vibe has practically flipped on it's head and I've never experienced such a wave of friendliness as in the past month or month and a half, at least not locally.


With the easing of all or most of the fake restrictions, people are enjoying their freedoms with a degree of appreciation that they've never had before. What they took forgranted is now a special occasion.


I don't like WHY people are behaving in this way, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless and try to 'pass it on' whenever possible (no pun intended).


If anything, I have to be careful to be just as nice as people are to me, or else it can lead to slight embarrassment on their part if they feel they've 'over-extended' themselves.


I'm sure others have experienced something similar recently?

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Interesting isn't it.. 


If you're British like me you'll know that about some folk, some will not feel comfortable normally "extending their reach"... 


But I would say it depends to some degree on this:

What sort of friendliness are we talking about, in general terms (I will call it public 'driftwood' chance encounters)  or could it be more urgent in nature where specific encounters between 2 people or more are consciously realizing a need for engaging with people they formally probably wouldn't normally engage with!? 


In the latter example if it so that socially "flesh dialect" or face to face people are making a somewhat radical stepup (and I mean by any comparison you like) then is it fear motivated connecting... In other words A GOOD sort of fear, so that even though most people don't enjoy fear itself, it can lead to good ends if it makes us express and reach out more widely out of our comfort zone? (....... etc).

In as much as simply "collective fear" of uncertainty and confusion makes the drive for social contact easier to converse with strangers, and is noticably a good thing to behold therefore?? 


Well, it could proove useful in the battle to fight imposed isolation misgivings...


((Be it... Severe Misgivings or  Believed/Strongly Suspected Fraud - - - & about how people sense what is going on,  etc.. ))  


Soooo Okaaaay, not hard to imagine each person may call it something different, and ok in general...


The main thing to take heed of is if people talk and are friendly for the right broadly accepted reason - ie, for EXPOSING LIES & CORRUPTION, or leading onto that, then goooood for that social self outward facing advancement and collective initiative of social uprising, and vital knowledge sharing wheresoever it maybe. 



People then feel less alone and less in fear, it should transpire thru such spontaneous or organized interactions

BUT THE FEAR IS REAL of what brought us to this place, lets not forget that....


Lets NEVER forget that in fact!  




Ps, I am not too knowledgeable myself on where my local area sits in this regard, but I WILL FIND OUT GLADLY...I think there is a little movement at least where gatherings take place for sure. 


Broadly lets suggest FOR THE SAKE OF HOPE IN ALL OF US... to **include** (where reconcilable hope can be offered) that even dispossessing slightly dim witted people, ETC could be winners at this... and whether thats IQ related or granted those may be of a sort not informing themselves and not doing their research are perhaps in among, but also perhaps a product of the nations most boring towns I even dare say, or failed education hallmarks...


Nevertheless... The more people that can join up the dots in some regard with a plain and simple message the better, and so by that measure ALMOST ANYONE potentially can be made awares by the **scandal et all** -  and the more chances at FREEDOM we will have... and thanks in no small part to the internet if used sensibly -  can find some wisdom thereby on behalf of anybody, and get us some solace (in an age of hostile environments).... And reassurance about our state of mortality or treatment by our fellow man and woman may then return to a degree or two, more normal. 


So essentially all different kinds of people can still come to light, and people can emerge/ intermingle that you never even knew existed in your area of town..


Or so I like to think where signs of questioning and intelligence can social level peg us, in an effort to reveal all to as many people as practicable ... So, could just be even the not so bright people or less socially inclined can realize the plight with fresh eyes and new clarity and general perspectives on what can get us out of this.... And to not let isolation or vaccines to rot our brains... This could well be the result without people acting on going out and to ARM THEMSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE TO SHARE WITH LIKE -MINDS, but it may start smallish in some areas....


Just make every personal interaction count for something!!!... and a wider social crusade toward every nations metamorphasis can more easily get a hold as in turn each of us gets a hold of what overshadows us from House of Cards game playing psychopaths who are really not so scary many of them when you think of how your own knowledge can taken them down or disable their TYRANNY...


And where SIMPLY we refuse to disconnect from one another the way the system dictates and puts a strangle hold on us! 

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True, a little odd... But this forum isn't the most friendly place to be honest with you...


Some threads settle down for decent discussion but other threads look like someones cut into your nice study documents with a pair of half blunt scissors. 😁 You win some you lose some... But don't worry, it won't be anything personal on a subject like this. I am sure people will come around shortly and offer up some similar tales of the human spirit getting off its' knees... 👍

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21 minutes ago, addam101 said:

Alot of the forum members seem hyper-angry and extremely dogmatic about their worst case scenario views. I don't post here very often.

You're not alone in feeling that way, but I hope you do post more often.

This forum needs as much positivity as it can get atm.

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I know what you mean.

Often when among strangers, in a queue, for example, I say to someone next to me 'so, how have you been coping with all this nonsense, then?' I always get them talking, they never give 2 or 3 word answers, but a proper conversation.

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