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Under COVID 19 are hospitals committing willful euthanasia?


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"Jack" Kevorkian was an American pathologist and euthanasia proponent who assisted 130 patients to die. He publicly championed a terminal patient's right to die by physician-assisted suicide, embodied in his quote, "Dying is not a crime". Eventually, Kevorkian was tried a stopped from further overseeing assisted euthanasia. But what if  his philosophy did not die with him but has been accepted and implemented on a larger medical scale and is being practiced within hospitals across the United States?


Is it possible that nurses, doctors and hospital administrators who swore an oath to saving lives are involved in practicing euthanasia without public knowledge? We do know that some nurses and doctors actually practice willful murder; they were caught, arrested, tried and now are in prison. But if this larger scale of euthanasia is too difficult to accept as a possibility, I bring to your attention an unknown event that occurred in Germany in the 1930’s called ‘Aktion T4f13’. Action T4 was the precursor to the ‘Final Solution’: it was a top-secret organized event, which was commanded by Adolph Hitler himself and it secretly involved well know doctors, scientists, nurses and hospital administrators to euthanize 70,000 + patients who suffered physical and mental abnormalities and therefore were considered unfit and a burden to German society and its economy. In fact, after these patients were murdered, accounting records showed that their euthanasia saved Germany over 800 million Deutsche marks. Most involved in this program were brought to justice at the Nuremberg Trials and executed; but Dr. Julius Hallervorden escaped scrutiny and was honored by the new Republic of Germany for his medical research and contribution to society; after his death, compelling evidence proved that Dr. Hallervorden was present during the gassing of children, then proceeded to surgically extract their brains for further scientific study.


So what does this have to do with our health care system and COVID 19? For years, hospitals in the United States struggled to stay open especially in rural areas. A few televised documentaries show hospitals and clinics closing throughout the Midwest for financial reasons and the consequences to the local population, and this decline in healthcare has been spreading throughout the country, thus forcing hospitals to change their business model: these surviving hospitals are now well entrenched in wall street and evolved into conglomerate healthcare systems designed to maximize profits, possibly at the expense of patient care. And there is plenty of evidence to support my assertion if we bother to research the facts. In addition, it is also documented and publicly communicated via different media outlets that most hospital systems were implementing policies to maximize profits and keep their doors open. But what exactly does this mean from a hospital’s administrative point-of-view to reevaluate healthcare and operational policies? It is to maximize profits at the expense of proving quality care? Do they pick and choose who lives and dies in order to maintain profits?


In this COVID era we are hearing that hospitals are burdened by COVID cases, or at least that is what we are being told—that patients are dying due to COVID and this pandemic is putting a strain on the hospital's staff and resources. But is this true? In my personal experience, my wife who was 52, went to the hospital because her cardiologist suggested it, and rightfully so, because my wife’s AFIB put her in a critical state. But I also know, based on what I witnessed, that the nurses and doctors were injecting her with a solution to isolate a virus, which according to her cardiologist supposedly activated her AFID. A virus? Six hours after my wife was admitted she slipped into a comma, was put on a ventilator, and in less than 10 hours she was declared dead. This horrible experience, is being experienced by many families across the entire country in hospitals and elder care homes too. Just look at New York and that horrible debacle were the elderly died in an elder care facility supposedly from COVID, but I argue they died due to willful medical negligence. Is COVID the excuse to commit euthanasia to save a hospital money and maintain wall street demanded profits? Before you shake your head and deny the possibility as being absurd, I can tell you that all hospital systems, in fact all of healthcare—private and public—is driven my mathematical algorithms that are designed to calculate the thresholds between adequate health care, patient service and attainable profit. These measured benchmarks (or metrics), and as Pearson's Law states: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates” is used to calculate the fine line between patient care and profits. At the end, and just like ‘AktionT4f13’, profit is the main goal of a wall street and state-run healthcare system, or any business.


Now with that being said, I do not want to generalize and assert that the entire healthcare system is corrupted and that healthcare providers are more concerned with the bottom line than saving lives, but there is enough here to consider and investigate. Perhaps there is someone out there who can bring more to this question.

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To get the answer to this question, you should watch one of David's Dot Connector videos from about a month ago. In it, he shows the British journalist Jackie Deevoy talking about the Liverpool Care Pathway started in 1990 and apparently stopped in 2013. This Pathway was a pathway to death with the help of the sedative Midazolam together with Morphine to knock the target person out before stopping all food and liquids, so that they would die...

This, she tells David, was continued again last year, which is how all the care home deaths were brought about. No relatives were allowed near their loved-ones, as we all know, so that this murdering could happen with no outside witnesses...

David also shows a video clip in that Dot Connector of a conversation between the former Health Minister Matt Hancock and another MP called Lee Evans, who asked him last year too, I think, whether enough of these two drugs were in stock. Hancock replied that he had ordered more from a producer in France.

So, you really need to watch that video!

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Yes, I heard David's comments on the issue and his feeling about Mr. Hancock. It's difficult to believe that involuntary euthanasia is even conceivable in the 21st Century and after the Holocaust, but here we are. Funny thing: in the U.S., we had a movement to remove all Confederate statues because what they represent; but the Georgia Guide Stones are as controversial as the Confederate statues because they state clearly that the global population needs to be reduced, but no one is galvanizing to bring that monument down. 

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A trusted associate relayed the story of their mother who died of Covid in hospital (UK). The elderly lady was communicating with family via her mobile from hospital, she had refused to be put on ventilation. She told her family that every 48hrs the staff turned off all ventilators and left the patients to die. As each one passed they were replaced with a new patient.


Regarding Care Homes, the government basically used them as euthanasia centres. The local authorities were offering financial incentives to take in Covid patients who were released from hospital with "End of Life Packs", this is fact from first hand experience. Some people wonder why Carers would prefer to lose their jobs then be jabbed with poison, they've seen some horrendous things, come 11th November people will start speaking out as that's the day the nonconformists lose their jobs and the elderly will suffer even more through lack of care.

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The hospitals have been commiting euthanasia for decades, the doctors and nurses know this full well and are totally happy and complict with this long held practise.


My sister worked as a nurse for a few years after she left university. The government likes to put forward this image of a caring nhs. I know from first hand information what my sister has seen this is so totally not the case.


The hospital bosses steal organs from the dead and sell them to the highest bidder on the black market. A single kidney can sell for £50,000. Some poor desperate sod who is dying, has no choice but to mortage his home, while the grinning hospital bosses laugh in his face and rake in the millions.

A few hospitals have been caught doing this through whistleblowers and then prosecuted, to the sum of £20,00, but they make it back on the very first body they steal from so nothing changes it just goes underground.

In fact the corruption has got so bad the government has changed the law to protect its friends the zionst hospital bosses. From now on the hospital bosses can take whatever organs they want. Before they had to ask your consent to take organs, now you have to sign in advance to refuse consent. The position has been totally turned around. The number of complaints under the old system is astronomical.


Hospital staff also swap the name tags of babies around, so the wrong baby goes home with the wrong family, and the doctors and nurses laugh as the family walk out through the hospital doors with the wrong child. My sister was so shocked when she saw this.  If they did a dna test of all the people, the government would have some very awkward questions to answer.

If a baby ever leaves the hospital and it has not been swapped over the doctors and nurses get very angry as though some great failure has been heaped on their shoulders. And they promise to double their efforts.

Just goes to show why so many families do not have genetic similarities, why brothers do not look like sisters and children look nothing like their parents.  This swapping practise has been happening for decades, i suspect most people in this country have been swapped at birth. If you were born in a hospital, you are living with the wrong family. You do not know who those around you are, who your brothers and sisters are, who your parents are. You are living with strangers. Just goes to show how these doctors and nurses can so happily inject everyone with dangerous vacines and not lose a moment of sleep, and then return the next day to kill more. Because they are so used to treating us like shit now they think it is their god given right.

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