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It Just Happened Again


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This is the fifth time this has happened. I was on the phone to my mate ,who is always writing to the government,and telling them where they are going wrong

When I talk to him on the phone,you always hear a audible click on the line ,he just laughs and says the boys are listening again, there is always a few snide comments then we continue talking , it's usually about global warming ,politics, the Chinese influence in this country and now of course  covid. This it the 5th time we have been disconnected when talking about sensitive subjects, twice about global warming the line went dead, twice about the Chinese where a high pitched female Chinese voice interrupted  for about 20 seconds then the line went dead. On these four occasions I was able to ring back straight away, with regards to the Chinese the comments were ,did you fucking hear that , to which we both burst out laughing and continued our conversation.

I was just on the phone to my mate about 45 minuets ago and we were talking about covid we were discussing their game plan for about 20 minuets and the fact I'm in lockdown . I said I don't give a fuck what those idiots say in Brisbane I just go about my normal day,then I mentioned death rates compared to the flu and the fact this is a virus of perception generated by the media ,nothing else ,then the line went dead , that was 45 min ago and I still cant contact my mate however when I ring my mobile from the land line there is nothing wrong. We must have really pissed them off this time.

If anyone thinks that your phone and texts aren't monitored keep wearing your mask 

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