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Piers Corbyn accused of accepting £10,000 to not talk about AstraZeneca


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13 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


Corbyn's personal appearance is incredibly shabby. It is unbelievable. He looks like he sleeps on park benches or in ditches every night.   When he was standing for London mayor, a few months ago, he was going around all scruffy, as usual, with a tatty, bagman shopping trolley, filled with campaign leaflets.  IMO, he is there to make the counter position against the agenda to look like a joke when he is flashed up on the telescreen for the masses to see.


I hardly think that's relevant but it is explainable if you consider that basically the Corbyns are borderline toffs but are also Socialists. 


They probably got into shabby chic to hide their comfortable backgrounds and appear to be 'man of the people'.


Doesn't bother me.... but it is explainable. It's common for Labour people from wealthy backgrounds to adopt that just-slept-on-a-park-bench 'look'.





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On 7/31/2021 at 9:02 PM, HelloYouThere said:



He does appear in the mainstream media a lot and he is the brother of a mainstream politician (albeit, a politician at odds with the mainstream in some ways). 


However, I will reserve judgement because:


(i). the video is edited;

(ii). he is clearly shown refusing to self-censor his message, which to an extent undermines what the video-makers claim about him;

(iii). the video-makers set out to entrap him and behave shiftily themselves;

(iv). no cash was handed over; it was fake money;

(v). he claims he never accepted the inducement, instead it was stuffed in his bag when he wasn't looking.


If you put it all together, it looks like a set-up - but I admit, I'm not sure.  If he did accept an inducement, then he has potentially committed a serious criminal offence, even if it was fake money.


Yet it occurs to me that even if he did knowingly accept an inducement from them, it may be that he did so having no intention of honouring his side of it - the reasoning being that they were acting corruptly, so could not move against him and expose him later without exposing themselves.  If this was his thinking, then it was foolish of him, and possibly still criminal, but it's not the same thing as corruptly accepting bribes in return for changing your message.

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On 8/1/2021 at 3:53 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

Hugo's take on this story:



We need to do this...We need to do that...


In my view, what I need to do is mind my own business and, in the immortal words of Mary Whitehouse, just say 'No'.


We have extravagant claims on this Forum that 90% of people will be dead in six months and it's all a grand conspiracy to subdue humanity into a high-tech control grid. 


If even just 25% of these claims turns out to be true, then a sizeable proportion of humanity is on the road to Perdition anyway and there's precisely nowt I can do about it, and should I try, the effect will be the square root of nowt.  The hope is that some of us remain at the end of it, to pick up the pieces, and maybe fight with whoever remains.  I hope I am one of them.  If I keep saying 'No' to masks and vaccines, then I deserve to be, whatever else I think about what gets said on here.


Sit back and enjoy the show, and remember: Just say no.

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19 hours ago, HelloYouThere said:

If you are anti vegan and you are now on about pretending to be vegan to avoid the vaccine you are as morally bankrupt as Piers Corbyn.


If you think lying to an authoritarian regime trying to deprive you of your freedom is "immoral".

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Guest Gone Fishing...

The yewtube expose video was cleverly edited.
Piers' response in his own words;

31st July - Piers on the prankster video; https://brandnewtube.com/watch/piers-on-the-prankster-video_L2i37W8fRoJQTDX.html 

2nd August - Piers Corbyn on the prankster video; https://brandnewtube.com/watch/piers-corbyn-on-the-prankster-video_GjpNXdQc7FllGni.html 


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  • Guest changed the title to Piers Corbyn accused of accepting £10,000 to not talk about AstraZeneca

If people so easily believed some stitched video against Pierce, then why they blame BBC news, youtube ...?! 


How easy to divide people just show them a professional stitched video. 


Who's next?!


I unsubscribed from a channel (RGB). 


I believe P. Corbyn. 

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On 8/1/2021 at 6:31 PM, Saved said:

Agree with him. Just need to fuck Corbyn off and anybody else who is comfortable with the MSM and has ever sat on a daytime television sofa.


The people are the ones who matter and...


STOP LOOKING for a leader who is a known face! Anybody who is recognisable should be kept off of microphones, megaphones and stages.

A well known face, does that include David Icke? 

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Does David Icke showing up broaden your chances, in gaining critical mass?


How can you have Corbyn speaking when his brother voted for Corona act & promotes Zero Covid & other commie globaalist ideals..telling people to get jabbed & again totally the opposite, promoting green deal climate bollocks agenda.

Strange that & Piers say nothing about it.


If you cant see the psyop in that, then you might as well get down your local jab station.

Jeremy Corbyn will give you directions on his Twatter feed.

He also promotes like Greta.. we should fund the Eugenics of poor countries.


That concerns me more than he made himself look a twat, thinking someone would give him 10k for nothing.


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