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Flat Earth: the last thread about this subject on this forum

Grumpy Owl

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2 hours ago, zArk said:

Just 'put up or shut up'


Show the Helio experiment proving the curve. Optical effects not allowed.

this is a picture that B flat put up as evidence as a flat earth in the original thread, in the top one the horizon is blurred so you cant see but he draws a red line any way, don't know why as it means nothing ,kinda like your red lines zark, next a red line drawn over mountains ,don't know what that is supposed to signify,but interesting on the right hand side the picture is blurred but on the left you can see curvature dropping away from the red line,I know you will argue with that interpretation zark . Number three is brilliant the red line has been drawn as low as possible to cover the curvature (now I know where you learnt this type of skullduggery from zark) but if you look closely at both ends of the red line curvature is clearly seen.

You tell me to put up or shut up with an experiment to prove curvature ,well why bother when Bflat has clearly  done it for me .

I remember nearly everything that has been posted on this subject and knew exactly what picture I was looking for

At least with this one you can't scream fish eye, CGI or fake

I've put up so how about you shut up



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I have just put up something form one of your own brethren( the father of flat earth no less)  and that's not good enough,just because he stuffed up and proved curvature is beside the point


The following from screaming eagle rings true and right now is a fine example


many videos have it,even the photos which FE crowd posts have it,they just pretend it's not there 

and for videos they say it's fish eye lens 


Bflat proves curvature ,but that's not good enough for zark

, keep going old son the more you do the more lame brained  you look, that will do me oh the gas layers and the scarred firmament ,the non existent moon and sun, you sure you didn't get this rubbish from a kids story book.

I've had enough now and  at your behest I put up, so you know what to do

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There is no proof it bounces off the moon


[a signal has to pass through 920km of the ionosphere without refraction or reflection to hit the moon which dampens the signal and has an uneven surface then returns through the same 920km of ionosphere without refraction or reflection to the originating source.]




The Helio model places an impossible obstacle course in the way of the feat.


So what do you do? Throw out the Helio model of the atmosphere to proclaim the moon bounce, then reinsert the Helio atmosphere immediately and claim both exist at the same time.  🤦‍♂️








The ionosphere is the ionized part of Earth's upper atmosphere, from about 48 km to 965 km altitude



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Usual nonsense reply from the flatliner..ionesphere, 🤦‍♂️which is a circuit wouldnt work on a flat plane.

Unless it bounced off the ice walls?? Then the signal would bounce back to the sender.

So please refer to as ionesplane infuture when coming up with your bullshit theories, trying to claim the authority.



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 My spelling above is terrible, but still doesnt change the point being made.
Zark must know about frequencies, or he is trying to brush a whole area of science under the carpet. As usual. He is referring to skywave & I believe this is point of site.
He posts some crappy link that doesnt say anything, just taking the piss, coz his moon dome theory is dead!!
I have already posted a link from a serious EME radio website twice, explaining about ionosphere.
This go's more into it, he will come back & say he knows better tho than this guy.

What's different on 10 GHz EME ?


Radio propagation






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NASA started in the 50's, they knew the earth was flat, bet they didn't count on the world wide web or  Wernher von Braun who told the truth upon his grave  head stone, (Psalm 19-1) I guess he had nothing to lose then. 



The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. P 19-1


In plain sight for all to see.🧐

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Operation Moonwatch


In the late 1950s, thousands of teenagers, housewives, amateur astronomers, school teachers, and other citizens served on Moonwatch teams around the globe. Initially conceived as a way for citizens to participate in science and as a supplement to professionally manned optical and radio tracking stations, Moonwatchers around the world found themselves an essential component of the professional scientists’ research program. Using specially designed telescopes, hand-built or purchased from vendors like Radio Shack, scores of Moonwatchers nightly monitored the skies. Their prompt response was aided by the extensive training they had done by spotting pebbles tossed in the air, registering the flight of moths, and participating in national alerts organized by the Civil Air Patrol.[citation needed]

Once professional scientists had accepted the idea that ordinary citizens could spot satellites and contribute to legitimate scientific research, Whipple and his colleagues organized amateurs around the world. Citizens formed Operation Moonwatch teams in towns and cities all around the globe, built their own equipment,[4] and courted sponsors. In many cases, Moonwatch was not just a fad but an expression of real interest in science. By October 1957, Operation Moonwatch had some 200 teams ready to go into action, including observers in Hawaii [5] and Australia [6]


Whipple envisioned a global network of specially designed instruments that could track and photograph satellites. This network, aided by a corps of volunteer satellite spotters and a computer at the MIT Computation Center, would establish ephemerides – predictions of where a satellite will be at particular times. The instruments at these stations were eventually designed by Dr. James G. Baker and Joseph Nunn and hence known as Baker-Nunn cameras. Based on a series of super-Schmidt wide-angle telescopes and strategically placed around the globe at 12 locations, the innovative cameras could track rapidly moving targets while simultaneously viewing large swaths of the sky. From the start, Whipple planned that the professionally manned Baker-Nunn stations would be complemented by teams of dedicated amateurs. Amateur satellite spotters would inform the Baker-Nunn stations as to where to look, an important task given that scientists working on the Vanguard program likened finding a satellite in the sky to finding a golf ball tossed out of a jet plane. Amateur teams would relay the information back to the SAO in Cambridge where professional scientists would use it to generate accurate satellite orbits. At this point, professionals at the Baker-Nunn stations would take over the full-time task of photographing them.[citation needed]





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44 minutes ago, alexa said:

NASA started in the 50's, they knew the earth was flat, bet they didn't count on the world wide web or  Wernher von Braun who told the truth upon his grave  head stone, (Psalm 19-1) I guess he had nothing to lose then. 



In plain sight for all to see.🧐




Quoting Bible passages is getting a bit tedious now.

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29 minutes ago, alexa said:


Really, I found it quite interesting observing two points of view.

How could you possibly find it interesting ,your book won't allow you to think for yourself,  therefore you only found some parts interesting and others an inconvenience,lets be honest about that fact at least

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28 minutes ago, alexa said:


Maybe, who cares ?




Flat Earth fits in nicely with the zombie fake reality, like big foot, Lockness monster, Bermuda triangle, paranormal, Area 51.......next level up the drain pipe from Love Island or Big Brother kind of sewage.



If it was any kind of real threat to the establishment, would be more your conspiracy files or Marianna Spring 'disinfo specialist' kinda program.



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On 10/11/2021 at 9:58 AM, peter said:

Still waiting for the theory zark on your non existent moon, non existent sun, krypton layer, helium layer,


the krypton gas layer is 3410 miles.


pretty much where the observed angles of the moon meet.




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