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What I get subjected to direct into my head

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Psychological factors in exceptional, extreme and torturous environments Sensory overload The captive has no control over any sensory attack; he or she cannot predict or control its output; cannot withdraw or evade from it or habituate to it, the person cannot screen the incoming stimuli and this can overwhelm their psychological defence mechanisms. Although habituation to noise can occur in healthy subjects, sounds of sufficient intensity, significance, duration or stimuli that imply conflict do not completely habituate [47].
Experimental studies with subjects exposed to intense auditory and visual stimuli showed heightened and sustained arousal, discomfort, mood changes, illusions and hallucinations and body image distortions, irritability, distraction, disorientation and a withdrawal from reality. Early work in this area reported that sensory overload could produce symptoms similar to various pathologies and produced thinking and behaviour, particularly speech content, associated with schizophrenia [48].
Sound irritation does not need to be loud. The use of ‘white noise’, which is perceived as a continuous background hiss, is used to overstimulate and irritate a captive and to disrupt cognitive processing. Noise below 80 dB can impair task performance particularly on complex, multi-component tasks that involve attentional processing [49], and there is some evidence to suggest that noise interferes particularly with information integration [50]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4890253/
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8. Try the earplug trick

Seasickness is caused by conflicting signals about movement received by the brain. This earplug trick has been used by sailors throughout the years. Simply insert an earplug into one ear; this fools the brain into ignoring signals from your ears and forces it to focus on signals being sent by your eyes. Sailors claim it works best if you plug the ear that is opposite to your dominant hand, such as your left ear if you are right-handed.



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Obviously I have been blasted with this all week more or less non-stop which is making me something feel like sea sick




Motion sickness can strike quickly and make you break out in a cold sweat and feel like you need to throw up. Other common symptoms include:

In addition, some people get headaches, feel very tired, or have shallow breathing.


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