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Codewords and Numbers in the Media.


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Operation Covid was launched in the msm with the announced death of asset Kobe Bryant (covid in Hebrew)


The number 33 was in headlines everywhere,the hoax code for initiates.


Also the number 666 was prevalant in patent numbers and has surfaced again,albeit covertly.


Check out the pay for the proposed schoolchildren jabsters.


£34,638 per annum.


Equals £666 per month.


Or divide by 666 equals 52 weeks and (inverted)point 006006006


Also note that 2020,the launch year when divided by 666 equals 3.033033033





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8 minutes ago, Foggy Dewhurst said:

Computer says no....

£2,886.5 ÷ 4.33 (not 4)weeks per month = 



Well, there's 52.143 weeks in the year, so it still isn't £666, it's £664.28. so why 4.3? 

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