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Simple, treat everyone with respect , as you would like to be treated ,and the world and society at large would be a better place for it .

Weather this will lead to personal development on an individual level ,I'm not sure but it would be a good place to start in my opinion

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Yes, if not nice times lead us to be less than our best, we have to remember whats good for setting the soul free in particular.  And in any awkwardness or mishapen reality etc, making a little space for 'well treatment" goes a bit of way with some, if not a long way with others...


All part of setting an example in one form or another... In other words not letting whats good die, just because of the bad behaviour of some of the people.


Others less inclined to overtly be devilish in their ways, may just need a gentle steer, or reassurance or inspiration or courage, or compassion or hope in a way which is pure and kind and perhaps thats all thats required sometimes 🙂 (depending on the level of interaction felt to be needed to assist good prevail) ... 

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