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The latest sunday wire is a very emphatic truth bomb.


It contains an interview with Dr Mark Bailey as he rationally and systematically destroys the entire foundation of virology for the pseudoscience that it is.


My only personal issues with this truly fantastic interview revolve around the concept of "gain of function" research, since unlike Mark Bailey, I would suggest that there was indeed GOF research taking place.


Namely how to replicate a spike protein synthetically and then get our own bodies to believe it to be natural, in order to insert itself in our cells.


Personal  thoughts aside however, this is a must listen IMHO.


"A farewell to virology"



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We need more people like Dr Mike Yeadon.


Here is a man who had invested his whole life and career in an increasingly obvious fake belief that viruses are both pathogenic and transmissable


It takes a lot of courage to face up to the fact  that everything you invested your entire life in , believing that you were working for the good of humanity, was actually founded upon lies.


Check out the archived interview from the 3rd of October this year at the link below....







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