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We can't have freedom in this reality.

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From my understanding, the entire energy field of the Earth was once different and many different parts of our brain would have been activated.

The entire human experience would have been a different one. Even our senses and emotions would have been processed differently.

The people who run the world have somehow changed the energy field of it.


So it makes no difference if we change government, politics, the economic system or anything else that is an external force.


Even if they cancelled the Great Reset, and stopped the mass vaccinations - we are still in this reality.





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(they don't want to hear that)

Lucifers bright idea.

We are fragments of that consciousness that turned away from Reality. It is a self-isolating(quarantining) condition imposed by acceptance of untruth. A dream of delusion. Fake. Resulting from a denial/forgetting of Truth.

We reap what we sow. It is what it is. Change/conversion won't work. That's just ego-games(pride) attempting to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. Only in fantasy. It's nothing and nowhere.


What people seem to not get; There is only ONE REALITY. GOD is the AUTHOR of IT---IS IT. It is unlimited and FREE. Perception cannot see Reality. True perception will lead to It. True perception is sourced from The Truth Within. What the ego has been busy suppressing, distracting, and offering fraudulent versions of.



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If we were dependant on externals and/or others to *give* or *allow* us freedom we'd be screwed. (then; the Matrix has you...). And it would be a denial/forgetting of what IS, and what I/We/Us IS.




(the ego can't even come close to The Real)



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