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Very hard nowadays to find information through the search engines

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Back in 2007, when I 'woke up', the internet was abundant with information. There was a lot of crap to dig through, but at least there was something to dig through that wasn't prefiltered by algorithmes like it is now. Does anybody know of a search engine that is not bothered by that? James Corbet also mentioned this problem in one of his more recent podcasts: the information is out there, but the current search engines prevent you from finding it. These days I rely more on some podcasts, like 'the noagendashow' where about a million listeners help 'produce' the show and their personal  'searchengine' bingit.io lets you dig through their shownotes archive, there is a wealth of information there but it is obviously not like the regular search engines were over a decade ago.

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Oh that will fire up the haters... a .RU  search engine.


Personally I will add it to my resource list 


Many have to release a lot of propaganda brainwashing to accept anything from the "evil bear"


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You are right! Google looks like Yellow Pages these days. Big companies and big websites full of "skin-deep knowledge" mostly. I know, most forums are dead, many blogs also, but really, come on! Yandex has different way of indexing things and most of "English speaking web" is not indexed there... StartPage, DuckDuckGo and Searx help a little, but today's internet it is not as it used to be.

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