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How Jew David Kenner and F.B.I. killed Tupac Shakur

Ibizan Hound

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This is the best YouTube layout on what occurred in secrecy leading to Tupac Shakur's death. Not  like those stupid lying interviews from Napoleon who vainly try  to make it appear as an urban street matter surrounding his death. This YouTube explanation is very similar to what I've heard before. 

1:05 and 2:35 shows that the Jewish dude David Kenner would benefit massively from Tupac Shakur's death than anyone because he had a STAKE in the record company's from the making of it. Then it sounded like David Kenner's voice over the RADIO when the murder was immediately addressed on top of it. 


The YouTuber TRY TOO HARD to place the blame on Reggie Wright but he was just head of security while Suge Knight and David Kenner made money off Death Row, David negotiated a three album deal from Tupac before he was released 8:15. He admit and repeat at 10:10 that the Jewish dude David Kenner had part ownership and again at 10:24 jewish dude David Kenner went looking for someone to kill Tupac Shakur's to make money off of him that would be 10 times more after death.
But Reggie only run security and doesn't have the connections to make something like that happen. Especially, with the cops under him being part of the Rampart scandals. Reggie may have ASSISTED but David Kenner had the most to gain since he partially ran the company. Suge Knight took the losses as his artists JUMPED SHIP once he got locked up such as Andre Young and Calvin Broadus. 17:04 the FBI has the shooting on tape and yet we are to believe a lone Black policeman laid out the murder of Tupac??????


The reason why Suge Knight said he won't reveal the name of Tupac's killer if he knew the killer is because he knows that it was his co-owner David Kenner that helped him with ALOT. From founding it to signing Tupac to it. FBI Kevin Hackie said the murder is on tape and Michael Moore heard the words "Got Em" over the radio(likely from the SHOOTER) then David Kenner respond Hey, don't say nothing over the radio." 17:10


The whole bigger-than-life image given to Tupac is to gank money from ignorant people who admire this stupid man that was sacrificed by high ranking jews

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