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Mandatory Vaccines Soon


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Few arguments you can use. 


1) allergic (shellfish, bad reaction to other vaccine in the past etc)

2) liability (are they liable for your health if they force you to take it)

3) Life insurance cover if you die from it will they pay for it

4) present all evidence of negative effects 

5) present evidence that the vaccine doesn't bring immunity at all 

6) present evidence that vaccine doesn't protect against variants 

7) present evidence that covid is mild virus with low risk and that there is a global conspiracy to sell vaccines and manipulate goverments

8) final straw present evidence that all vaccines are based on bad science and are not healthy. 

9) become a gardener and charge £500 per day 

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Thoughts of Lenin and the communist revolution perhaps? We are back in pre 1917 with a very oppressed working class who, instead of being sent to trench warfare, are now being economically forced into vaccine programs. Same old story, same old song. It took major hunger and loss of life till the masses finally revolted in 1917. That ended trench warfare and established an initial communist society in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and half of Europe. We know it all went wrong later with gulags and even famine. Still, the point is the working classes are once more being reduced to a peasantry (harsh term) since the welfare state, trade unions and security have been allowed to disappear. To add to that we now see forced vaccines. My response to that personally is it's an insult and an attack on working classes. I say that because it threatens freedom of travel and employment. For me it's easy to point blank not comply. I also know it's the right path and would hate to sleep at night knowing my life could be shortened at some point. Nobody knows yet what side effects may emerge. Sure, you can take the vaccine and hope for the best but that won't win respect. Proof of that is those who complied face more vaccines and more restrictions. And what will happen when real flu comes in deep Winter?
Surprisingly, it seems I am not such a minority. I meet people daily who point blank refuse forced vaccines.
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16 hours ago, Nicole said:

Personally, I will not take it and that's under any circumstances .... I admit it is easier for me than for others for I am retired, I live in the country and I have no small children/grand-children. I may have to adjust on my shopping and the little bit of social life I have but if that's the price to pay, so be it ! 


Yeah I'm ready to face homeless and destitution. I will live in a fucking cave and slowly die if I have to then bend to these fucking evil cunts. 


Excuse my French.

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1 hour ago, CosmoGenesis said:

Yeah I'm ready to face homeless and destitution

 The trick to taking back your power is to re-define all words you have ever known and notice how the fear ebbs away.


Is this our 'home'? If not, then can anything happen here that will make us 'homeless'? It is liking leaving a prison after serving sentence, would one be sad about being 'homeless'?. They have substituted all our higher faculties and powers and knowledge with poorest fakest version of truth. And thus we believe that a crappy mortgaged apartment would be our home. And when you understand who you truly are, there will be no identification with being destitute. Only a man who has no true spiritual wealth will identify money and security with the pittance handed out to us for dedicating all our waking hours to keeping the elite alive.


I am sure you already know all that and meant a more physical fear of homelessness but I am going through similar ruminations myself these days and thought I will put out my words that will make readers here less fearful

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There's a huge part of the population that simply lost the instinct to survive and fight. Much as I dislike fighting, this is part of nature (as you will see in any wildlife documentary).
I have never understood the"I have no choice" argument because, to my mind, health is the most valuable thing you possess. Surely, the stakes are obvious and facts plain to see. We have a supposed "killer virus" that often we don't even know we've got, but have to be told we have it!!! We have a vaccine that (unlike the virus) has left people unwell for weeks. More people who took the vaccine have died from the virus the vaccine is supposed to prevent. Now, those who took this vaccine calmly tell me to not get too close as the vaccine apparently doesn't stop the virus.
Who in their right mind would risk life and limb on that kind of record?
The homelessness fear is really conditioning. In the Great Depression workers basically built sheds and pulled together. I would rather build a wooden hut in the Norwegian style or a house boat. The alternative of working under condition of experimental vaccines is a no go. It just isn't worth it.
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I was looking at caravans, and nice ones at that. Seen some for 6,000 although it's important not to buy into trouble. I'd like to live by the sea as I spent part of my childhood in Towyn in a caravan. However, more lockdowns create problems and scores of caravan owners lost a lot of money. That is, sites closed. So, you need a spot of land and legal clearance. I know some who bought luxury camper vans and plan to sell up. A camper van is probably a better option.
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58 minutes ago, Shining-one said:

There's a huge part of the population that simply lost the instinct to survive and fight.


Yeah.  Except not their instinct for donuts as reward for taking poison...Is it still donuts the reward or is it now king size donuts, looool...  


Howabout the reward be Pine Tea... Excuse me white suits,  whilst I enjoy exquisite pain.  And a mild savory taste.  


I'm kidding. But serious on Pine Tea for being a rescue remedy. I hope it works for those that need it. (not mentioned in this thread yet I think) 

Or intravenous tea, in place of the jab!?!? 


Never Take Me Alive... 



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Honestly, I work for a huge corporation and I know it’s coming. America as we know it is fucking finished. The elites want you turned into a useless pussy who will do anything to put potatoes on the table. If they do t kill you off with the vaccine they will kill you off exposing and harming you OTJ slowly but surely until your ultimate death. They don’t want you to have guns they don’t want you to say the REAL TRUTH just to be a pussy follower and talk about how cool you all are for getting your damn vaccine. 

what in gods name is happening to the world. We’ve all been bought off..


they sell people on freedom of choice and lure you into all the choices they are’s from the Getko. By the time your brain is fully developed most people have already fucked up and are a pawn in a vicious cycle that never gave a F about them or who you were as a person.

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2 hours ago, DarianF said:

@Bullion Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. It's about bloody time! Finally, a representative actually representing the people... (the stupid bitch journalist at the end of the interview 😄 just makes it pure comedy gold though)



Mrs Tanya DAVIES, BAppSc(Phty) MP


👍Tanya Davies…. 😂ridiculous sky news automaton

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No way am I taking that Covid vaccine poison. A friend of mine has been complaining of severe hip pain since getting her second jab over a month ago and she is still in severe pain. She has never had hip pain before and we are wondering if it’s the jab that’s caused it. She has to wait a long time for a scan with the NHS due to Covid. Quite frankly I think when people were clapping for the NHS during this scamdemic they were actually clapping to the demise of the NHS and didn’t know it.

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The hospital where I worked just mandated both initial shots with a deadline of Aug 31st.  After 13 years, I would be considered "insubordinate" and put on "unpaid administrative leave" until and unless I complied.  So I quit.  No job is worth it.

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