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Sometimes you have to unlearn everything! (New member)


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Hi All,


Hope you are all doing well.


I wasn't sure whether to sign up but I have. Just want to say the last 18 months have been eye opening. I started with realising that we're so much more than this experience (following reading 'The Power of Now' in March 2020) and other linked books. 


I was then introduced to David Icke around July 2020, and though it is shocking initially I trusted his energy. I have also dabbled in understanding how powerful we really are. This took me into manifestation and Neville Goddard/Florence Scovel Shinn etc.  


I must admit that more recently I'm adjusting to almost having to unlearn everything I believed and starting over. This has led to feeling quite low at times (recently) but extremely relaxed and powerful at others. And sometimes questioning my own sanity.


I think using everything I've unlearnt and relearnt so far, I am kind of understanding through my own perception that each of us are in realities and experience our life through our own belief systems though somehow it's all linked. Basically, I think we manifest our entire life based on our beliefs and assumptions about the world, ourselves and other people. It's keeping this truth from us that allows us to be controlled our whole life and leads to us feeling small and powerless. If you are told repeatedly there's a virus, your belief system absorbs that and it becomes your experience. This could be true with Covid and HIV (only just read about HIV - Aids topic on here today). I believe this is true of EVERYTHING we learn through our lives through parents, schools, the gov and other people. We take on that belief system and therefore make it our experience.


Life is a game of perception and assumptions, once this is understood I believe that life is our own to experience. You can manifest anything you want, there is NOTHING our of reach, just held back by our limiting beliefs. Anything that comes up that isn't what you want to experience, you can take your focus away from it. 


Maybe I'm trying to hard to understand something that logically may not be fully comprehensible. I believe that we are powerful and all have the power to manifest our whole life and live heaven on earth. Nothing is impossible but this is initially limited by the information, beliefs and assumptions that we take in externally.


I'm not really sure if any of this made sense. I'd love to start a discussion and see what you all think about the link between consciousness, manifestation, the New World Order and the current Covid situation.

Look forward to some interesting discussions and ideas. 


Jez :)


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hey I just wanted to post this cause the elite are in reference to stimulus and I believe you can't blame them because all brains are the same and dr Joe dispenza has done brain maps and noted that there is a correlation between experience and the maps that are the same in thousands of studies therefore I believe that you or me under the same stimulus out of this world or self imposed or even as a theory would have the same experience as say a Klaus schwaub or bill gates if said brain stimulus was imposed on you whereas I believe this to be the case either sought or unsought or as theory 


I believe that if stimulus can cause this behavior such as the brain maps of studied serial killers being the same then another stimulus can be applied to correct it whereas as David Icke says and has taught us is infinite love is the only truth and heals all such as the brain map studies of praying monks who are all praying to god or the divine for peace have the same brain map stimulus this can be achieved in those who are hurting and sadly killing others with the fake vaccine 


I also believe as dr Joe dispenza has showed us that there is also a healing power that applies to the vaccine which its components are a life form mcr5 look it up and its elements of the earth which we are all composed of maybe not those elements injected but such as correcting or changing genetic memories can be done such as in David Ickes studies of eye colors changing in schizophrenic based upon DNA stimulus this is also confirmed in dr joes work whereas a choice can be made to change consciences or unconsciencly through dr miramotos study of water or the memory of water whereas can be applied to everything being that we are a majority water which simply conforms to on a molecular basis or intention


please see what the bleep do we know on youtube


also please recognize your own transgressions in what I consider to be also such as the consumption of meat or life forms sentient beings because you wouldn't eat your dog or cat or kill it because that love applies to all things 




I truly believe these evil doers can be saved and forgiven because that's what Jesus tells us to do and even though its wrong and god will be their judge we should not live by the sword because you die by the sword if you do


I hope to see your comments because David says only love can go on into infinity and its the only truth


thank you for reading this





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On 8/10/2021 at 4:24 PM, tomas said:

also please recognize your own transgressions in what I consider to be also such as the consumption of meat or life forms sentient beings because you wouldn't eat your dog or cat or kill it because that love applies to all things 


*nod to that!*

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