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Friday 23rd July 2021


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Eric Clapton refuses to play venues that require proof of vaccination https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/eric-clapton-refuses-to-play-venues-that-require-proof-of-vaccination/


Crimes Against Humanity https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/crimes-against-humanity-2/


Why Are The NHS Putting Out A £3.2 Billion Contract For Blood Clot Treatments? https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/why-are-the-nhs-putting-out-a-3-2-billion-contract-for-blood-clot-treatments/


UK government considers people that took part in the ‘vaccine’ trials, but were only given the placebo, “fully vaccinated” and issued vaccine certificate https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/uk-government-considers-people-that-took-part-in-the-vaccine-trials-but-were-only-given-the-placebo-fully-vaccinated-and-issued-vaccine-certificate/


Shocking Biden lies and ‘misinformation’ and it is staggering to think when watching these clips that this deeply dark, lying, barely-conscious idiot is President of the United States (thanks to an obviously rigged election) https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/shocking-biden-lies-and-misinformation-and-it-is-staggering-to-think-when-watching-these-clips-that-this-deeply-dark-lying-barely-conscious-idiot-is-president-of-the-united-states-thanks-to-an/


Hey, Tory MPs – What are you going to do about Johnson? (The point is, however, that Johnson is a vacuous pawn – it’s all coming from the shadows that people never see) https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/hey-tory-mps-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-johnson-the-point-is-however-that-johnson-is-a-vacuous-pawn-its-all-coming-from-the-shadows-that-people-never-see/


London protest July 24th – David Icke and Gareth Icke speaking – the numbers must be even greater to send the message to the demons – WE ARE NOT HAVING IT ANYMORE! https://davidicke.com/2021/07/23/london-march-july-24th-david-icke-and-gareth-icke-speaking-the-numbers-must-be-even-greater-to-send-the-message-to-the-demons-we-are-not-having-it-anymore/

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I was wondering the same thing because I think I saw the first awhile back...or something similar to it. But also does anyone think that weekly protests are going to have to turn into daily ? By that I mean shop owners and employers aggreing to not enforce those crazy passes 

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Are you above 2 posters both Ikonic members? and is the only way to see in full the first,  let alone the part2?.. I hadn't even heard there was a Part Deux. Sheesh what do I know. I'm hardly up to speed with The Answer.   


Ps,  I am not an Ikonic subscriber. Money is tight for me sorry to say. 

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