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Is this proof Biden is a demonic cloned entity?

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I'll say from the start I've never really believed in some of these stories, but upon investigation from the original

footage, there does appear to be something emerging from under Biden's skin on his wrist.


The first video has been slowed down by a blogger.




Now go to the original video, it was the first Trump versus Biden Presidential debate on 30 September 2020


WATCH FROM 57 minutes and 16 seconds.  Put it on full screen. It appears to me something emerges from under the skin of Biden's wrist and then goes back in? Can anyone explain this?







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Not really sure about the face. It does look like it changes, but I don't want to jump to conclusions about him being non-human or cloned without more research. Would a body double not make more sense than a clone?


That thing that comes out of his sleeve is strange though.

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I began with the concept that it was a tech wearable which peeled off due to sweat .... a sensor for anything really but looked through the video and it wasn't there at 40.06 




Now the debate, I believe, was all done in one take? But I do not consider anything presented by any main stream as true.

I think all of 'TV' is now bullshit (not that I have had TV for over a decade) and near all is of the green screen or sort of game tech.

Could it be a 'bleed through' of some green screen body suit tech?? I have no idea.


At the point of 'it' showing .... it does not 'pop' out as it is right there and then disengages from the skin to withdraw (which is why I thought wearable skin tech such as this link .... https://www.eurasiareview.com/18072017-breathable-wearable-electronics-on-skin-for-long-term-health-monitoring/ .... but more advanced)


I don't know.


I know demons are 100% in/around this realm.

I consider NPC .... maybe 80% correct but I need more knowledge.

I consider clones also about 80% correct but again will continue looking.


We are now at the point where our own senses can be used against us .... our eyes can deceive as much as a photo can be shopped and any video is not to be trusted (in my consideration)


I do not know what that is .... sorry

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19 hours ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


Isn't he known for being a bit doddery and forgetful? Might be some sort of device to prompt him to focus!

Hopefully it works like a dog anti bark dog collar,so every time he forgets where he is ,ZAPPO

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