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Liverpool Stripped Of UNESCO World Heritage Status


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Worth a look this, if just to look at the nature of the language used.... Liverpool has been  "DELETED," not "relieved of," "removed" or "downgraded" etc.


Announcing the decision, committee chairman Tian Xuejun said 20 votes had been cast - with 13 in favour of deleting the city, five against the proposal and two ballot papers being invalid.



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Exactly.... But Liverpool City Region (EU) Mayor sees it differently...


"Places like Liverpool should not be faced with the binary choice between maintaining heritage status or regenerating left-behind communities and the wealth of jobs and opportunities that come with it," he said.

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3 minutes ago, elongated1 said:

What does Liverpool has been DELETED mean? 🤔

I'd say who needs UNESCO but I'm thinking of more sinister implications like Liverpool will not get help if SHTF?


Yeah, that was my train of thought, that phrase from the Chinese UNESCO guy just leapt out at me when I saw it...


Coded message?

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Over gentrified now and I'm not surprised they lost there status. I used to do a fair bit of work up there back when i used to work in event management, The company i worked for was Manchester based so not far away from Liverpool. that was over 10 years ago now but even back then you could see what was coming as most of the events we worked on where for new developments for the aria all promising to bring prosperity to the aria but delivering fuck all apart from god awful eyesores on the skyline.

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On 7/21/2021 at 2:07 PM, eddy64 said:

mayor a middle class wanker, lets build all over the ship building historic sites only the dirty proles worked there so they wont be missed.



The mayor is right regardless of his class status. The City of Liverpool doesn’t benefit from mothballed docks with no utility. It didn’t benefit from having ‘heritage status’ either’. 

The redevelopment of Albert Dock did wonders for the City of Liverpool, and the new proposed developments will benefit the city further, and much more than some useless ‘heritage status’. 

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