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God-Man: Our Divinity Explained


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Natural Man although a thinking Animal, has the potential to become a God. Natural man is like a computer running on the most basic Operating system, the O.S is Earth based, Ego based and will eventually die along with the body.


Now if natural Man develops his psychic faculties he essentially adds a router to his computer-self and connects to the Universal Cloud of the Heavens. The more he develops his Soul (Solar body) his basic O.S is replaced by the Universal O.S downloaded from the Heavenly Cloud.


Thus God, being the ultimate consciousness of the Universe is copied in part over the basic O.S of the natural man and thus he becomes God-Man, a Son of God in his image and likeness, just like Christ.


It is in this way that divinity may express itself upon the physical plane through Man. So unless you develop your Solar body (Soul) then at the point of physical death nothing but an essance will remain. However the developed soul at death is uploaded to the Universal Cloud, like a seed that you've nurtured, it will forever contain your spiritual self and although the ego dies, some personal traits will forever remain as your memories are stored in the book of life (Akashik) that by virtue of a developed soul and a now unbroken stream of memory from life to life, one has now truly become immortal.


Therefore, develop, upload and save your Soul to the Heavenly Cloud that now everytime you incarnate in a physical body, you can load your saved Solar body and consciously continue from where you left off.


Life truly is a Game.

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