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Find your STRAWMAN / Legal Fiction bond!

Nobby Noboddy

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For those, like me already aware of the strawman and maritime law problem, I just came across this very useful set of instructions....




(Information taken from this much more detailed website: https://expertinalllegalmatters.com/ )


I'm only worth $84,108.00, probably because once I started awakening I also started to un-stick myself from money worship and consumerism. Gave up a well paid contract, haven't worked 'properly' ever since, endured hard times over the last twenty years but it's worth it.



My bond matured in 2002 (so no new interest) which is a few years before I properly left the plantation.


You should all try this and when more of us are happy we should explore how to CLAIM OUR TRUST MONEY. I for one could do with it right now.


I will be investigating and invite others to investigate how we cash them in.


Serious replies and research only please. Lets keep the thread tight, useful and 'slide' free. Indeed you peeps on the 'other' side gallantly watching and disrupting us should definitely have a look, you will probably be worth much much more than me 👍

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Interesting info here, relating to the US. I will see If I can work out UK equivelences.




Nothing here, and to be honest I'm a little suspicous of these guys;




Anyone know what consequences there would be with their registration etc?

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Surely that strawman value is related to ones eligibility for insurance, loans, tax etc if you divorce the State you loose all rights to services.


I think Gypsies are outside the State as some dont have birth certificates. They're not subjects of the Crown.

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Hi. I'm aware of the BC bond, but not actually sure how 'real' it is. For me, mine matured donkeys years ago, why is that? What does that mean?


Can anybody shed any light on how these bonds work in the 'real', live, world, practically? Ta.

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Strawman - The Nature of the Cage (OFFICIAL)

***Please read before watching *** (It has come to our attention that the getoutofdebtfree.org website featured in the documentary is no longer available in the form presented within the film. At the moment we advise that you do not use the website as there are reports they are spamming new users. We suggest Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks http://beatthebailiffsandthebanks.co.uk for template letters)


Strawman - The Nature of the Cage is a cutting edge documentary like no other. It highlights the truth around debt, the Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, and modern day Policing. The film gives a detailed overview as to how you can address these issues in your personal life, offering knowledge on how to Lawfully deal with any kind of authority, if you haven't broken any Laws.


Drawing on the expertise of Trailblazers whom have risked everything to deliver this usually unavailable information, Strawman will outline information that you would otherwise be completely unaware of.


John K Webster, who has spent 18 months researching and making this film, has one goal... having noticed the increase of suicides in the UK that relate directly to monetary worries, he says "If this film saves one life, my work is done."


This film applies to everyone, regardless of your personal situation. It is important to know how the system works and more importantly, how it is working you.


It is said, that you must first know that you are in a cage, before you can escape from that cage.


YOUTUBE FOOTAGE! We used a selection of Youtube footage from like minded people to illustrate and prove the information supplied within the documentary. We tried in all cases to contact the original up-loaders of the footage and cleared most of it but did not get a response from everyone. If we used your footage it was because we considered you to be at the top of your game. We have credited all the channels associated with the clips at the end of the film.


We ask that if you spot your footage and did not hear from us, not to take a knee jerk reaction and claim copyright infringement. We are positive this won't happen as we are all singing from the same song sheet, as it were, but you never know. Please contact us first.


The film-makers are giving this film away for free and have spent thousands of hours and pounds to bring the film to reality, so please let it breath. We are not making the film for profit, just to help and educate.


Fair use / Fair dealing


Under US and UK law, provisions have been made for 'Exceptions to copyright' for educational, news, criticism and reporting purposes. We believe our film qualifies for this as it is not for profit and is educational in nature. Please see link below.



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