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Einstein debunked April, 2021 ! Theory of Absoluteness has replaced Theory of Relativity !


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In April 2021 a new theory - the Theory of Absoluteness has been created that replaced the Lorentz Transformations, and Einstein's theory of special relativity (TSR) and general relativity (TGR). The theory was created by the Aerospace Engineer Dmitry Bonch. The theory is published on the website of the Power of Wisdom movement (co-founder). He also the creator of the Nonprofit Resource Based Economy (NRBE) that will soon replace the current Chrematistics (Capitalism is the third stage off Chrematistics) that will lead mankind to total prosperity. Please not confuse with the moneyless Resource Based Economy (RBE) of Jacque Fresco. Why the theory of relativity is a hoax is explained in these videos (there are the links to the website below some the videos where the theory of absoluteness is published in PDF format. More videos are coming soon. Part 1: 

 Part 2:

Part 3:


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There are a couple of new theories that also rate a mention

1  Nassim Haramin's new theory which has solved the problem of the very large and the very small ,better known as the unified field theory and proves this with mathematics he has recently been adding consciousness into the mix.

2: Dr. Paul LaViolette  with his Sub Quantum Kinetics theory ,which comes to the same conclusions but from a different angle.However if this gentleman is correct we are all fucked , I'm not going to explain them to you ,if you are interested, you can do the research however suffice to say the black hole in the center of our galaxy has been exhibiting some rather worrying trends of late

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1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:

yep the black hole has been making all your explanations disappear before they reached this forum.

quantum physics is a strange phenomena

 I have actually payed over $100 to attend one of Nassim's lectures and had a good old chin wag one on one afterwards and have also read the overview or basic outline of the paper on Sub Quantum Kinetics the main difference between the two competing theories is 1 every particle is a singularity and 2 in sub quantum kinetics singularities don't  exist.

I see the quality of your posts haven't improved at all with a change of topic, how long will it be before unrelated memes start showing up.🥱

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Hi scientist ,I think the title of the video with the word hoax ,with regards to Einstein and his theory of relativity is a bit strong as it implies he set out to defraud , he  realized there was a problem and tried to resolve this for the rest of his life ,the first person to actually solve his equation was a fellow called Schwarzschild .

Just my two bobs worth

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