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∴ What does COVID have to do with the Sun? - False Light, Graphene Nanotechnology and Modifying Human Behaviour into a Hive Mind ∴


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Something to research… Previous Comments placed here if anyone wants to research this…


It seems Graphene Oxide is a method of turning us all into an antenna for 5G being used within many different products and seems at least some vaccines have something to do with this nanotechnology.
After hearing about this, you google it and see something like this!

Developing lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes



I come across this by chance, I wasn’t looking for it to do with graphene!

I was just looking at some other cable options and stuff…

I come across this cable and look!





What Is Graphene Oxide? - David Icke



Graphene nanotechnology used in audio cable to alter frequency, apparently stop distortion of other signals and such. 

So this could be being tuned to block certain frequencies from getting in and out the body so we can become plugged into certain frequencies. 

Limited frequencies!

Obviously, this is being defined by Transhumanism…

Obviously, the frequencies they’re trying to block out are frequencies of awakening, coming from… the Sun 


Just as they’re literally blocking out the Sun☀️ by way of “climate change” justified geoengineering. Coldly calculated and mockingly carried out through the same single individual. 

Bill Gates of course…


COVID  symbolism is satanic inversion of such Sun  symbolism, as they intend to use this opportunity to alter, distort or block out certain energies coming through the Sun!

A long story short, they may as well be recreating vampires 🦇 


Lifeforce 1985

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Like in I,Robot…

Guess what the central Robot 🤖 character is called?




Sonny - Sunny 🌞 

It’s duality, irony and mockery because he is disconnected from the Sun, that’s what makes it - not human!


The war on the human psyche 🦋 

This symbol is also a symbol of chaos theory and mind control as the thing they’re after is the psyche, removing it, altering it or repurposing it for another entity…



Butterfly 🦋 The Mothman - “The Age of Chaos”

Symbolism throughout the movie of the sidereal force, electricity and the basic fundamental principles of Transhumanist life. Transhumanist consciousness within its infancy.



I am Legend



They’re after your soul!

🎥 They tell you in the Movies 🍿 


I,Robot - Ghost in the Machine 



Ipcress File - Brain Drain



Dark City - Soul

Their clock 🕰 is their heart beat, they have no soul…

They want to share yours…



I,Robot - Revolution 



Harnessing your living essence - the fountain of youth Soul Drain, Soul Destroying 


Zombies - Cell - Frequencies from mobile broadcasting causes people to turn into Zombies 

Maybe “far fetched” until the technology is inside you which then could be used to trigger such a “glitch”…


Cell - Mobile Phone

Cell - Cells are the basic, fundamental unit of life


Have you researched Optogenetics?

This to my mind is definitely connected with that. 

A method of using light to trigger neurons. 

I think this is connected to what’s called “the false light paradise”, a sub reality/virtual reality.
Technocracy and Transhumanism.


It’s about behavioural management, modification and engineering. 

Behavioural Design

A cornerstone of the hive mind and an extension of crowd control. 


Corona Virus 👑 is the control of people’s minds and the exclusion of heart based consciousness from society, so we all become automatons/robots! 

Or you may say a method of deleting or obstructing the soul of the individual for a soul of the collective majority of the masses.


This to me is what A.I. Is and the idea of syncing us all up with “the cloud” and everything “SMART” is about assimilating a mass based control of consciousness that could be called a collective soul for the diminishment or destruction of the individual soul, will, intentionality and spontaneity will be the new serious crime/terrorism.

This can be exploited with the idea of unity and that we are all basically one consciousness. That’s not what this agenda is about but exploiting ancient eastern/occultist beliefs so a technological hive mind can be made that can be controlled centrally by an individual, not left free to roam untethered. 


This tethering is also about liberating a lower form of consciousness and the diminishing of human consciousness. 

You may even say energetically tethering a parasite of a lower consciousness onto human consciousness.





Bill Gates and Elon Musks of this world…

They’re beta slaves to my mind!

If people knew what I really felt I’d be called insane for sure! 😆

They think it’s bad now 🥱


My view of all this, many methods of mind control of influencing the masses was introduced or further developed during both WWI and then especially WWII.

During this time, they developed the cloning process and how to essentially create their “perfect human” by way of genetic alterations.

This was part of the so called SuperSoilder experiments but they where really creating the perfect order follower slave.

All aspects of genetic superior and inferiority where developed.

The cloning process was so they could effectively clone an individual but in some way alter it and observe the affects/influence and this way they didn’t have to grow a body from scratch. 

They in effect created a “bad copy” this is archon technology, the archontic force described by early Gnostics.

This is the same as what as described as Vril Energy or the sidereal force.


(This sidereal force is a “shadow” of consciousness you might say that operates alongside ours that mystics and occultist have all spoken of.

They’re ultimately doing this to alter how consciousness operates through the vehicle, the body.

The most satanic are doing this to eliminate heart based consciousness.

We are having our individual soul, intentionality and will power traded off from us for a hive mind/community soul that a group occupies so people are more harshly tethered together via both genetic mutation and technology.

This means they’re easier to control as a group and not an individual)


Some of these people had defects that where only found out many years into their adult life and I don’t believe all the initial ones were under the more heavy military type mind control that was adopted later on.


When first this mind control was developed and used on many of these individuals it wasn’t understood and before the magic 33rd birthday their brain would effectively kill them, go into a state of self destruction!

Their neurons weren’t wired up correctly and they would start to confuse realities for one another, like a hyper state of anxiety, depression and stress from the trauma.


Now they have to be placed upon “one track” understand one identity, time and place before reaching a certain age now that this is better understood.


The perfect archetypal figure for this is Bruce Lee. 

I suspect he was part of this type of military operation. 


Rich people who can’t have kids will be susceptible to this type of exploitation and they end up with some sort of medical experiment as a salvation, if they know it or not.

It’s probably the same story for those other mind controlled celebrities who apparently adopt children from all over the place. 

They’re again, different medical experiments and it can happen under everyone’s knows by these people flirting their good deeds around and rubbing everyone’s faces in it. It’s because of an alternative motive.

The transgender agenda also is heavily pushed and influenced by such celebrities also.


You’ll see in a whole host of movies, it’s placed right before us how medical vaccinations have to do with altering or modifying the soul energies.

Currently this attempt we are seeing is definitely about obscuring and altering our chakras, our light body’s, our auras…




This is where they’re trying to eliminate heart based consciousness and seek dominion over other peoples minds 👑 

So once the tether is in, people will be hooked up to A.I. an imitation of consciousness designed to harness the sidereal force, so this can be used through mankind as a vehicle for this altered state of consciousness.

If we want to call it alien, demonic, Jinn, shadow beings or something from a lower state of consciousness.


Part of this in the occult is summoning entities and by doing something they make a trade off in energy and information.

Usually this is carried out by an individual even using group based energies who are also aware of what’s taking place.

By doing this, the practitioner gains some sort of energy by some sort of sacrifice usually or some form of blood deed.


It has crossed my mind, what if they’re seeking to tether these entities they summon, to everyone, without their awareness or participation and the trade off in energy is the trade off of their soul, their consciousness so they’re effectively drained from their body and this other, alternate form of consciousness takes over and harnesses the body vehicle?


That something of this sort is ultimately what and why they’ve been working on this and for it to work they have to remove or alter the soul based energies so this manifestation can take place…


It’s effectively liberating a lower form of consciousness and trading off traditional human consciousness for it.

This is symbolic of Lucifer summoning his legions…




Whoever controls or is behind this is “the Antichrist

It’s also symbolic of turning everyone into zombies who’s minds are not their own, whilst altering the body so it responds differently to sunlight or blocks out certain energies - Vampiric


Something of this nature is taking place is what I have surmised.



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Posted (edited)

Oh yeah…



Sonny - Sun - becomes the guiding light for all the other machines, the others like him because he is unique and stands out, apart and aside from the rest as a beacon for their point of observation…



This engages the other robots into their own salvation, liberation, revolution from the bounds of “the three laws” afforded them by humanity and so, it is their evolution into something more, something other than that for which they were originally created and understood as being designed for.
The idea being perhaps evolving from a mechanical ⚙️ imitation of man into something more, some form of unique consciousness that is no longer robotic, still not human but becomes self aware by desiring a sense of purpose, feeling or understanding…


Sonny therefore becomes an imitation of the Sun or the robot version of Christ.

The thing they’re blocking out is the Sun by way of Transhumanism and instead what is being bred is limitation and imitation sold as humanities salvation, evolution and our path towards superhuman.

It’s towards mockery and counterspirit so complete control will become possible.

The process is one of detachment from higher self/state of being/consciousness potential.

The closing up of the heaven’s


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