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Uefa must be skint


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England gets fine for the denmark laser event plus the fan on the pitch and the fans who broke the ranks and the stress of covid infected police and the racist cments and sabotage at the black players 25 is 7the scapegoat.

Forgive me being a little cynical after all that covid B's and all those 7s across the Denmark and Italy notifications 

I wonder how much the uefa fa corrupt as crap officials will get for the embarrassing super league breakaway without permission taking the knee without permission and Harry kane's rainbow respect arm band without permission

 Vw sponsors and rainbows all round the stadium and still no out gay footballer but lots of unicorns eunuchs

And the sun had it's biggest solar flaire betw3en the match  and midnight at the SE time the fans broke the barricades 

Women bay at the moon like wolves football fans act like little sunbeams 

Have we lost it 




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Omg just as predicted earlier uefa are looking to investigate 4incidents of breach by england if our 4s and 3 seven analysis is correct expect a fiine of 30 million +

That will teach you to snub the bosses that feed you and deny them their super league 

The so called shock and horror was all a ploy a com a deciet a B's 

Now fone the seven black card scapegoat 25

And Israel in plain sight grealish




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