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Communities Build Up Groups (South West Wales) post here

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Its an attempt to get something going about the build up of independent communities in the areas stated as per Topic Title, that want to be out of this tyrannic system.

In my opinion, this needs to be addressed as soon as.

Anyone willing to start posting within their group areas, please do.

Gotta start somewhere....


The topic areas are:


- South west England

- South East England

- North West England

- North East England


- South Wales

- North Wales


Hoping to get some feedback on how many groups are already taking shape.

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The Freedom Network




A movement for liberty.We are a non-political, inclusive movement taking action to reclaim our freedom through the individual and collective. We regard equal rights for all as the best basis for a healthy society. We believe in individualism and not communitarianism meaning the individual has the right to be heard as a sovereign being. Join or set up a Freedom Hub.

The hub is located in your county or metropolitan area with multiple branches feeding into that hub as the network evolves. Meet up and collaborate with like minded people to take regional and national action.

Each freedom hub brings together people from all backgrounds to share advice and information, receive and give support and take steps towards a future where our freedom is never treated as optional.

Find a hub

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On 7/12/2021 at 10:07 PM, Tom bombadil said:

Mid Wales.




It seems this won't work by the looks of it..

Sometimes the efforts to make or start something from scratch in order to fulfill most people's ideas of a ''community'' build up is useless and unrealistic at best, at current time....

Seems to me (*as my gut feeling already told me years ago*) that we always need to end up ''each to their own'' when time comes.....sadly it is what i have been noticing in many Topics already........so much union this, union that, together this together that........but in the end when moment comes or presents itself for an attempt to start something......they all avoid it like the plague......or come up with excuses of ''privacy issues'' and so on.....

I am aware of other online groups and ''communities websites'' who are not really trustoworthy and it shows by the way it is set up.......but hey....im only one not many. I'll move on.

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