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Film: "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West"

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Film Title: Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West

Director: Wayne Kopping

Released: 2006


This highly important yet disturbing documentary is an exceptional examination of radical Islam, a fanatical movement within Islam driven by an innate contempt for western values and especially Jews the world over.


Specifically, the film focuses on the power of anti-Israel, anti-American propaganda on the impressionable minds of those content with getting their news solely from Arab media/satellite TV.


The doc also parallels the spirit of Islamic extremism with the spirit of Nazism, highlighting their uncanny similarities, in which Jews are regarded as subhuman and referred to as 'pigs' and 'swine.' One commentator remarks how back in the mid-to-late 1930s, very few people took Hitlerian rhetoric seriously, until it was too late. The Nazis had sought world domination, and held a dehumanizing view of the Jews, as do radical Islamofascists.


About halfway through the film there's shown a set of split-screen images, comparing sketches of (past) Nazi and (present) Palestinian depictions of Jews. The first of these split-screen images depicts the Jewish race as a spider in a web; the second, as an octopus. Although produced generations apart, these images are practically identical and are products of the same reptilian-brain mentality.


The lovely Nonie Darwish appears in this production as do other commentators, moderate in their Muslim faith (including political scientist Salim Mansur), who have taken to speaking out against increasing rabid Islamism and warning western societies of the enemies in their midst. A former PLO terrorist is also heard from, as well as a Palestinian journalist, both warning of the danger.


Various clips are shown, mostly from Arab tv, in which is shown ... small Arab children being indoctrinated in anti-Semitism, with adults instilling in them hatred at an early age ... a jihad rally in London ... a sheik expressing to his audience of how U.S. decision-making is manipulated by Zionists ... an Islamic cleric who recounts some remarks that another cleric once said to him about the dream some radical Muslims have of one day completely occupying the White House and renaming it the Muslim House.


One of the interviewees in the film, an intelligence researcher, speaks of his having acquired audio recordings that were secretly made of meetings held in London mosques which reveal a not so peaceful message. (What a contrast to Christ's gospel which teaches to love even one's enemies. It has been said that 'by their fruits' true followers of God can be identified, with God being Love.)


Within the doc are many a scene of these ungodly extremists clad in black attire, often with their faces concealed, and brandishing weapons, appearing every bit as woefully spiritually impoverished.


This is not a documentary on what is known as cultural jihad -- which is a more insidious threat to the west, in which the intended takeover of infidels is attempted or accomplished via deep-laid, subtle and gradual 'democratic' means, lobby groups, and such -- but of militant jihad, in which in some cases passages taken from the Koran have been left at the crime scenes; sadistic atrocities all done in the name of their tribal deity.


The one person missing from this film who has discussed extensively about the threat of Islamism is the intellectual heroine Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a dignified and refined gentlewoman, who has spoken of radical clerics in Great Britain, for example, who preach 'holy war' and how such talk is not the product of U.S. imperialism (as such talk has existed from as far back as the political ideologue's very first conqueror) but rather intrinsically rooted in the sacred texts of the faith. 'Tis why the Islamic caliphate known to history was a conquering force, subduing other peoples in the name of their belief system and bringing their captives under oppressive submission.


As one expert on the threat of global jihadism has noted, the Islamists' hatred of non-Muslims and especially Jews is ultimately based not on any provocation on the part of so-called victimizers, but is largely predisposed.

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Posted (edited)

About the only quibble I have with this film is with its treatment of 9/11, of which I personally do not feel was an act of militant jihadism, even though what sadly happened to the approximate 3000 victims of the WTC towers was loudly praised and cheered throughout most of the Islamic world, as if their believing that bin Laden and his henchmen were the orchestrators of the event. Nevertheless, to think that just days following 9/11 there was a proposal to construct a mega-mosque at Ground Zero! Just what message was this heartless and disrespectful idea intended to convey to the world?


As I watched this film, I was reminded of the fact that radical Islamists perceive moderate Muslims as being weak in their faith if not nominal members, albeit people capable of being radicalized, or so they believe.


The film also focuses on militant jihad only, which although troubling is not as insidious a threat to western liberty as that of cultural jihad.


America ought to be thankful that they have those among the citizenry trying to raise public awareness as to the wolves in their midst; righteous souls like Robert Spencer and the stylish Pamela Geller.


Ms. Geller, in fact, was the main organizer behind the protesting of the 9/11 mega-mosque, which had it been built would have most certainly been a contemptuously monstrous desecration of the site.


God bless these freedom-loving individuals like Spencer and Geller and others on the side of peace and democracy.

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5 minutes ago, Hegel Schmegel said:

America ought to be thankful that they have those among the citizenry trying to raise public awareness as to the wolves in their midst; righteous souls like Robert Spencer and the stylish Pamela Geller.



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Interesting that back in 2013, Britain banned Ms. Geller from entering the country, where she was hoping to attend a freedom event. On the reason of her being pro-Israel. It's hard not to read between the lines of this. Why, even the Board of Deputies of British Jews were for this ban, and Ms. Geller is Jewish! Says quite a lot about the sad state of affairs in this part of the West.

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