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Vaccine Centre Protest's

Freedom Fighters

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Please share message through music with the world ❤




Idea- quick and effective way to let people know vaccines are in trial stage still - hold protests at vaccine sites.


Protest banners informing of facts -


Trial stage till 2023

Meant for emergency use only

Yellow card evidence



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We need a range of new words to convey the great harm being unleashed on society and for display on protest placards.


My own suggestions:


VAXICIDE - murder by forced or coerced injection,whether or not given unlawful legitimacy by puppet governments and reinforced by state controlled media outlets.


VAXCRIMINATION - the apartheid system being proposed by warcriminal tonyblair and cohorts;as unlawful as was segregating for colour or gender.


PHARMAFIA - the organised crime syndicate profiteering from wreaking death,injury and suffering of nascient or ignorant sovereign men and women.



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New Terms:


GOVERNMASQUE - Governments masquerading as democracies while covertly oppressing the people.


DIVISIONISM - Divide and conquer tactics by oppressive regimes;by race,creed,gender and now "covid passports" aka.....


FREEDOM LICENCE - The correct description of a covid passport.A licence for limited freedoms which can be cancelled if you don't have the latest jab,no matter how many you regretably took to date.

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