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The Grooming of Desmond Is Amazing

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I know this poor kids has been talked about before on here, but just found this recent YT which is good... he's 14 now... crazy how things have gotten far, far worse since he was 11 and become literally VOGUE famous!


Now we have 3 yo old twerking on a NYC street to people taking pics and applauding and the Washington Post encouraging kids to witness Pride "kink"


Yes, kink belongs at Pride. And I want my kids to see it.

Children need to know that they can make their own ways in the world





Desmond with the literal murderer Michael/Macaulay Culkin the "club kid" from Party Monster under a poster saying rohypnol... 




Given they're coming to kill us with the jab, and I don't think I'm being hyperbolic in saying maybe with the military, and then they want the kids that remain....  what can we actually do?

Has our culture/society fallen that far? 

Question: has the west become so demoralised, men emasculated and woman broken that we no longer care as a collective? because this has been an ever downward spiral the past 3-5 years and vastly accelerated into depravity...


I'm not old, but I'm not young either and don't ever recall growing up in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s it ever being like this?


Sorry... this is just an outlet for my rage... I don't have answers and I don't have kids, but a 2 yo niece and another 3 months off....and I'm enraged.....

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