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Globohomo wants your children


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45 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

I see they made it private after getting downvoted into oblivion.


I also want to point out what globohomo means in case anyone gets confused.





I came back here to repost it after seeing its been deleted! lolz



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1 hour ago, skitzorat said:

I came back here to repost it after seeing its been deleted!


Lol. It gets so tiresome. The amount of things I can't find anymore because they have been memoryholed is insane, milquetoast folks just don't understand. It's coming to bite them in the arse though. They moan about things getting censored since the start of the scamdemic, but if they fought to protect everyones speech when others were getting screwed, then they wouldn't be in this mess.


That's not an "I told you so" dig at them, just reality.



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haha they've set it to public again but removed the ratio numbers



and now all the new comments are "stunning and brave"


hilarious...if these "guys" weren't trying to "own the conservatives" - who really never cared in 2021 about San Fran perversions - ...but great..nice way to get normal gay people Mathew Shepard'd.

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Correlation between gay people and child abuse is strongly present, and the statistics speak. I don't think it's a coincidence (not to say all gays are child abusers)

It all started with "we just want to legalize gay marriage that's all" until we reached this point. As they stated in the song, it's the gay agenda.

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