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Predictions for July , August, September?


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July 19

Either backtracking by BoJo OR

Let 'em free for a couple of weeks, ramp up the PCR cycles to 70 or more and there will be MILLIONS more "cases"



Because of the millions of new "cases" in the UK, because they removed restrictions, we MUST act now, followed by more lockdowns world-wide. Britain is the example to the rest of the world



REAL cases start to rise because of "The Jab" This will be the new Lambda, Phi or Kappa quintuple mutation variant. More and FORCED "Jabs"


January 2022

Covid-21 discovered. A new even deadlier variant. Anyone still alive, will be FORCED to get a brand new even more experimental "Jab" even more deadly.


January 2023

Whilst the elite bunker down thousands of feet below ground, they release the Black Death, recently isolated from a corpse in Latvia. They'll probably release it in Russia and blame them.


January 2025.

The elite all genuinely immune against the Black Death (it's a bacteria) emerge from their bunkers. They round up survivors and transfer them to forced labour camps to work exclusively for them.

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