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People's front of Judea

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With the last London march have such big numbers, it is time to be careful of not turning into Monty Python's ''life of Brian's.

"The people's front of Judea"

"Judeadian people's front". (splitters)


Religions not religious, what race what nation what district, what political group, pro vaccine, anti vaccine, for masks, not wearing masks, etc etc. All this nonsence needs putting aside. This is about FREEDOM.

If people want to be vaccinated or wear a mask, that's there choice there freedom.

Just let me be free to do want I want and think how I think as long as I do no one any harm. Call me a hippy call me a tin foil hat wearing  nut, if people have had the vaccine or want to wear a mask let them feel welcome but don't let the 'SPLITTERS'  take away the goal of FREEDOM.

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