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Are we all Gods /God-like?


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It's my belief that each person is their own god, experiencing eternity, forever.

David Icke believes he's part of the Godhead, and perhaps for good reason, he's obviously an extremely awakened, spiritual person.

So what does it take to become a god or god-like? I don't normally quote the bible but there's a verse that's stuck with me for a while. I think I heard Terence McKenna once quote it.

Genesis 3:5 "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."

So are we born gods or become gods?

Wouldn't that be the ultimate goal for each soul, to become all knowing and powerful?

I've been through some extraordinary things in my life that's lead me to believe I am my own god. Let me explain how.

David Icke mentions that interdimensional entities (reptilians) lock into the lower chakras as a means to control humans.

Example here -


I absolutely believe chakras are real. When I first read about chakras, I assumed they were an energy system that couldn't be seen or felt, but I was proven wrong when one evening I felt my heart chakra spin in my chest. It felt sort of jelly-like, the spinning only lasted a few moments and I didn't put much thought into it afterwards. It was all automatic and I didn't put any intention into it.

So why do I believe I became my own god? The ultimate protection against any influence in this dimension and others not seen would be to have one's root chakra repositioned and put into a place of hiding. That's what happened to me, but it was a long process and somehow involved Robert Downey Jr.

If I tried to explain the details and process of what happened to me during the last 5 years, I'd sound like a nutcase. I had a lot of experiences with the TV and computer monitor, energies emitting from them. I'd usually fall asleep with something playing on screen and there was multiple occasions I'd be dreaming of talking to the people on the screen while I was half asleep. There was definitely some sort of communication going on.

I keep dreaming of saying "I'm God." -- In one dream someone asked me who I am, and my response was "I am my own father... God."

I've also been told I'm an alien and a witch in my dreams, but I don't understand much about that.

Thanks for reading.

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4 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Can you tell us more about this 👆?



It's going to sound absolutely absurd and honestly, I don't understand it fully myself but I'll do my best to explain.

For a bit of context - It all started off when I was living alone. I split with my ex and found a job working in a warehouse. That job only lasted a year and near the end I was experiencing heavy anxiety and couldn't focus on the work, there was a lot of tension between myself and work colleagues.

The anxiety persisted so I decided to take a few months off looking for another job, even though I had bills and rent to pay, I thought I'd be alright.
I didn't have any hobbies and spent a lot of time on the computer, I didn't really have anyone to talk to except my brother on occasion. I started looking into conspiracy theories for the first time such as 9/11 and round about that time is when I found David Icke.

I was taking in a lot of conspiracy information, depression soon started creeping in and everything seemed like doom and gloom. I started to believe the entire world was a lie and that it was hopeless for humanity.

The depression got rough but I didn't want to go to the doctors. I decided to try find a remedy myself. That's when I found meditation.
I started meditating a lot.

Months had gone by and money began to run low and I was behind on my rent for the first time. I couldn't even afford to go shopping and I remember eating pasta on its own, that's all I had left in the cupboards.

Eventually, things got so bad I had to reach out to my grandma to see if she had a spare room. Luckily, she did.

I moved in with my grandma, and that's when things got really strange for me.

The room was tiny once my double bed and computer was setup in there, and I was still suffering with anxiety and depression. On top of that I felt a lot of embarrassment for having to move in with my grandma as an adult. For the first couple week all I could think about was topping myself. I essentially became a recluse.

I began experiencing some extremely odd things with my computer monitor when I was watching a film or series. I actually started to believe the people on the screen could see me! I could feel strange energies coming from the screen, especially just before I was falling asleep. I forget how long that went on for but I kept it to myself.

So one evening I was sat at the computer watching Iron Man. I was extremely depressed and could feel it in my gut.
All of a sudden everything seems like it's going in slow motion, even the movie slows down, that's when Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) starts talking to me through the screen (told you it was going to sound absurd.) I forgot what he said, but all I said was "hey" back to him and he replies "is that all you've got to say?"

That's all that was said and I honestly didn't think much of it. I wasn't freaked out or anything, I felt like it was meant to happen.

I don't remember the timeline of events afterwards but I'll just try my best to explain what happened next over months/years.


There was one evening I was downstairs making a cuppa and I got bad vibes from behind me, I turn back slightly looking over my shoulder and I see my grandma reaching out her arm towards my lower back. I was weirded out but brushed it off and went back upstairs.

Fast forward a few months and again I go downstairs to myself and my grandma a cuppa and I see that Iron Man is on, RDJ is on the screen. I grab my grandmas cuppa and just as I turn a huge flash of white light goes straight down the TV screen. RDJ is on the screen looking like he's anxiously expecting something (this isn't in the film) and as I walk towards my grandma she teleports out of her seat and comes through the wall from the other side of the room. Jesus, this sounds bonkers I know lol. She gets to the TV and hides something from me while giving something to RDJ through the TV. I now believe it had something to do with my root chakra.


So over the next 5 years that I lived at my grans, I ended up in hospital 4 times for psychotic depression.

There are so many things that happened during that 5 years, it's all just too bizarre to talk about, I know I sound like a nutcase. I can't explain most of it.

Like the time I was sitting alone downstairs, TV was off and I'm on my phone. I look up at the TV and I see this blue alien looking back at me. It was my reflection but an alien. Wasn't scared and it looked kinda' cool.

Like I mentioned in my previous post I've been called an alien and a witch in my dreams. I've also dreamt about witches and aliens. I dreamt an alien was in my bedroom and looked like the stereotypical grey with big black eyes.

Lots of interaction with the TV, people saying "hey" to me through the screen.

All this may be labelled simply as mental illness, but for me it's been a spiritual journey and it's all been about becoming my own God.

Sorry for the huge post/rant. I wish I could articulate it all a bit better.


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I think you have to define what you mean by god like.


For me. My two cents worth.


If there is a god Then by definition there can only be one god.


If there is one god that created everything. Then by association I am everything, and everything is God!

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Hi Xelador,


I like to think about this subject in two different ways, my two different theories.


1. There is one Creator, One Supreme Intelligence, One and Only consciousness. All other smaller forms of consciousness in existence, including us of course, are just little pieces of that One. We have an illusion of being separate beings, but in reality, we are all One just having fun with oneself. For example, we can look at the human body. We are made of bunch of cells, and they are all individual cells, yet they are just a part of one being.


Perhaps we are just "cells" of God's body, and planets and stars are like "organs".


2. Now, this one is more interesting to me. There is One Creator of everything. In the beginning, he created one universe(but He is outside of it), which is like a school or a training ground, and then he created a bunch of souls/spirits who use that universe to gain knowledge and experience and growth. When a certain soul/spirit reaches the highest possible level of knowledge and experience, it then becomes a God of his own new universe.

And it goes like that into infinity. We will all eventually become Gods of our own universes.


What do you think about this? 



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I rather think that consciousnesses arise as something very unstable and tiny. It is an becoming. And then you have to put reality into yourself figuratively in a three dimensional template. According to the great template. All knowing also means knowing that God is not a God. And there seem to be no limits. And that you have grasped a process of something that is immensely complex. And then you have your hands full not to question the meaning of human existence. You know that here on this plane of existence you are only an observer.

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'God' is created in the brain.


As intelligent beings we realise that one day we will die. It's inescapable. In order not to go insane at the horrifying nature of this thought we create a 'God' in our subconcious mind, along with the idea that we have a 'soul' that is immortal and an 'afterlife' that exists after we die.


Hey, whatever floats your boat and keeps you sane!

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