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Whatever happened to terrorism?

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This does bring to mind all of those weapons, ammo, vehicles, cash, etc., which was left behind during Biden's "exit strategy". One would have expected some of that to have been used in a dramatic display by now. Perhaps, ISIS forced their troops to get "vaccines", too?


I've noticed you don't hear much about big lottery winners anymore, since Covidmania, as well. It's kind of like TPTB dropped almost all of the things they use to distract us to get us to focus on Covidmania? I mean, why the $#^% would a suicide bomber care about some pandemic, when there are still plenty of us infidels running around with wild abandon. Are we supposed to believe they can't get back to work as terrorist because of travel restrictions? This thread's question is a good one, as it points out how obviously contrived and scripted these terrorist events have always been. The answer to the question is simple: They just aren't needed right now. 

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