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Wimbledon 2021

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Something very creepy and weird about this year's tournament.


BBC's coverage was sycophantic and navel-gazing at the best of times in the pre-CV19 world, but this is a new level of cultdom.


Besides all the "normality" on display (if everyone there has been double jabbed, it's a normal with literally deadly potential), what's with the post-match nonsense?


Why make such a big play about some bloke winning a 2nd round match against a mediocre player? Why all the handing of personal, used items to the crowd?


We can't go into a cafe or pub, or be near anyone in the supermarket, yet this is all okay?


Is it a message to the public, to say "all this can be yours again if you jab, jab jab"? (which of course it won't be, even if you survive).


The ovation for the "woman" who designed the wonderful "vaccine" was yet more Covid cult worship.


And then we'll go back to Euro 2020 and have near-empty stadiums again in some places, and full ones in others. Because the "virus" is more deadly if you're lower class and prefer to watch men kicking a ball around rather than tennis players or horses running.


It feels like there's an agenda, more than just being an experiment to see what happens if people are allowed to be herded together under a roof for hours at a time without masks. And even that is creepy enough. It's like watching a live scientific test.

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New "British" golden girl of Wimbledon forced to retire from her match today, apparently.


"Raducanu had been noticeably struggling to breathe and, after consulting with the trainer and doctor, she took a medical timeout where it was deemed she could not continue."


Accompanying picture shows her with a face covering on. That'll really help.


Hmm. Heard of many injuries and reasons to withdraw in the middle of a match, but...struggling to breathe?


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Anyone else get weird vibes off this wonder girl?


Apart from not really being British (which I could care less about, except the press bang on about how she is and gave us the usual insufferable nonsense), there's something a bit creepy about her. Saw the final game unfold, not knowing the outcome, and she's clearly a good player. Though not following the tournament, I can't figure out how it ended up with two children (more or less) battling it out in the final of the biggest Slam in the sport.


Maybe some guiding hands at play. The 9/11 anniversary, the multi-cultural finalists, you could read a lot of things into it.


The losing girl seemed normal enough, though very young. But Radacanu has something unsettling about her...the eyes, maybe. The way her face moves. 


Just as well I don't bother much with Tennis! But that creepy look will be everywhere for the next day or two.


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