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Let's plan a museum to be built after the current mass-genocide: Add your suggestions for exhibits


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After the genocide committed by the Nazis during WWII, a number of significant museums were built across the world so that we would never forget the path to fascism. Obviously these museums  failed to adequatedly educate humanity.


I feel we should start planning the museums that will be built after the current mass-genocide is over. Here are my ideas for exhibits. Feel free to share your own.


Museum foyer

In the museum foyer there will be a five-meter tall solid bronze statue of the computer-generated image of the Corona Virus. The placard underneath will give visitors the chance to learn how this motif of a virus, which did not represent anything in reality, was used as the central iconographic image in the Nazi's campaign of fear. This a powerful reminder of the way that iconography is used to manipulate humanity.


All corridors in the museum

Motion-sensors throughout the museum will detect if any visitor is closer than 2 meters to another. If they are, the sensors activate an audio recording which blasts the Nazi's programming keywords out loud,  shouted in a stern  voice, "Socially distance!" This will remind visitors of how the Nazis used bizarre and nonsensical isolation techniques to traumatize the people.


The 'Media' Room

Here visitors can sit in a small screening-room and be subjected to 24-hour rolling CNN death-tickers, which were once used by the Nazis to relentlessly abuse citizens by inducing panic through the manipulation of statistics and fake tests.


The Vaccination Memorial

In this part of the museum, visitors must maintain a respectful silence. The names of the millions of people who were murdered by the Nazi's forced-'vaccine' program are projected onto the walls. Visitors can read the diaries of children who were trapped in their homes and ultimated murdered by the Nazi's paramilitary units such as the WHO and the NHS. There is a small  non-denominational chapel at the end of this exhibit where visitors can rest and reflect on how months of propaganda was used to usher the Nazi's victims into Termination Centres under the pretense that these were Vaccination Clinics. 


Memories of the Third World War 

In this part of the museum, visitor can wear headphones and  watch videos of all the doctors. and other 'dissenters', who spoke out against the Nazi's virus hoax on YouTube and were silenced. This part of the museum includes the world's largest collection of censored YouTube videos, which were siezed after the directors and employees of YouTube were taken to trial at Nuremberg II. 


Exit to the museum

As an ongoing reminder of the horrors of mass-surveillance and the proliferation of what were called 'cellphones', the exit to the museum is a glass-floored bridge which crosses over a giant mound of cellphones. After the collapse of the Nazis, milions of survivors threw their cellphones into the street. The Nazis had intended these cellphones to act as 'contact tracing devices', and for a while this scheme had worked. However, as resistance to their reign grew, awareness of the true purpose of these portable surveillance units grew and ultimately these 'cellphones' were piled up on the streets. This part of the museum reminds visitors why, today, it is illegal to own or operate a cellphone, and why Nuremberg II took such strong measures against those who ran the Nazi's surveillance hubs throughout Silicon Valley in California.


Memorial garden

Each visitor is given a face-mask on leaving the museum, which they are invited to burn in the memorial garden. The Nazis made people wear these masks, claiming that the people were 'diseased'. Nazi sympathizers were given permission by the Nazis to throw people out of their shops if they refused to wear 'the mask'. In Germany it remains illegal even to depict the mask in a public space, as it is considered to be a symbol of National Socialism. After Nuremberg II sentanced the WHO, masks were made illegal in over 48 countries. In the aftermath of the genocide, millions of Nazi 'doctors' were stripped of their licenses to practice medicine and sent to trial.

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Nicely done and tempting but:


In my opinion i would focus on preserving what would be left of society's energy into steering away as much as possible from the way things were managed, on every single country or for a better word every single Earth Citizen....and come up with a better and somehow possible equilized / balanced way for a re-build of our Living ways.. Its a hard task because there will always be some controversy on opinons and ideas and who will HAVE to take control/Leader....or some authority figure again.....its a puzzle....

But the key points would be to pinpoint all that went wrong, all of which slowly caused the problem and most importantly, keeping an eye on the remaining Heads of certain Blood line families who would perhaps still be on the quiet side planning and slowly infiltrating the ''positive'' side of the genuine people and cause trouble again...

Who knows....we don't really know anything as yet.....it all seems to be a game....the conscious playing with the subconscious...images...grids...colours....touch.....feel....vision...smell....taste....thought....Until we know for sure how we actually exist and all in between, then all would be clear i presume.


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