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Who is exempt from lockdowns and restrictions.


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The government have decided that anyone they deem is performing a deed valuable to britain, that person is exempt from covid restrictions.

High on the exemption list is bill gates, the royals, most mp's along with their friends golfing buddies tennis partners and business associates from home and overseas, in fact anyone they like.

The other 95% of the population can go fuck themselves and keep just paying all the bills, mp's wages and expense accounts.

The covid virus is so intellegent it will not attack you if you stand 2 meters away from it, 1 metre was acceptable for a while but the virus learned to adapt. Masks which are clearly labelled as not fit for medical use suddenly become suitable for medical use as they have learned to adapt as well. Now the latest news is the virus will not attack you because it takes into account of your job, financial position and your elitist contacts.

It has been a huge frustration for business groups which have warned that the quarantine system has damaged the UK but these businesses belong to the ordinary working class members of our society so they get nothing.

Gloria Guevara president of the World Travel & Tourism Council says the move would provide a significant boost to the fragile UK economy as far as executives are concerned.

At present people flying into England from most countries have to self-isolate for 14 days unless they are coming from a destination on the fluctuating “green list” of countries with low infection rates. That will change from December 15 when people will be able to isolate for just five days — if they then pay for a Covid-19 test that turns out to be negative.

People on the exemption list will not have to do this and can come and go as they please while the rest of us can watch them enjoying themselves through our windows during the next lockdown.

This is one rule for the rich and one for the rest.

Small business owners and the self-employed often travel for their business, and it is wrong to declare this activity as of no significant economic benefit - and so outside of the government's devious plans. There should not be a fast lane of easements for big business while small firms are left behind.

Small and medium-sized enterprises make up the majority of businesses, so initiatives that effectively lower quarantine requirements for executives in large businesses seems unfair.

this exemption needs to be expanded for small business travel, including hospitality workers abroad who are currently unable to return to the UK due to the cost and hassle of current quarantine requirements.


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Did you honestly believe they did not have some way to live their life to the full, enjoy every sun filled day, meet up with their friends, while we are locked down and frying and dying from the adjacent 5G towers

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