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Ed Sheeran transforms into a "panda eye'd" vampire in Bad Habits

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The celebrity "Panda eyes" apparently reflects the black eyes a small child get after being anally raped... sorry for the graphic imagery, but I've seen a few pics/explanations in heavy hitting documentaries.. even a google image search of "panda eyes celebrity" will bring the pic up with said explanation but I won't post it here...


anywho... Demonic forces in the industry take the souls of them all.. Miley, Lit Nas-whatever... now even squeaky clean Ed.. (never liked him thought his music was shit, but it was always "nice" from the bits I've unfortunately heard)


image.jpeg.695cace3a4ac29b589ebd3f59712f221.jpeg image.jpeg.a34cba009e4cf81fd148e436a140c282.jpegimage.jpeg.f27a830a7e3f5a017d059fcdec76a7d8.jpeg



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Worth exploring does seem to represent some sort of dark ritual abuse. 


They really are horrid these singers. Not sure if they really know all this though or if they are managed. 


Gaga looks more ugly everytime I see her and ed Sheeran has always had an NPC face. 

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