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Confirmation of Icke's words

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In his book "The Robot's Rebellion", Icke wrote that the forces of Lucifer are trying to turn a person into an obedient robot,
 so that after his death they can use people as a slaves in other worlds. The confirmation of Icke's words I found in 
Olga Grebennikova's testimony lives in the city of Rostov-on-Don. She claims that in 1986 she visited some unfamiliar planet
 covered with an artificial sky. It happened late in the spring evening. Olga went to bed.
 Sitting on the couch, the woman felt that she was standing in the water, and it was not night, but day outside. 
 She stood knee-deep in the water of the calm sea, and on the shore opposite her was the beach,
 behind which was a city with white low houses, divided into strictly lined quarters.

The city attracted a woman like a magnet. Suddenly she found herself in a stoned, long and round pipe. The woman was carried forward very quickly. She was very frightened and constantly squealed as she flew in the pipe. Having flown out of the pipe, she hit the city street. Olga saw houses standing in two rows. She saw the silhouettes of two very tall figures approaching her, dressed in long white robes.

The woman was grabbed by the arms and dragged into the nearest house. They carried her face up. Olga was very surprised to see that instead of the sky above the city there was stretched a huge dome of a heavenly shade, slightly illuminated. Many sparks flashed on the inner surface of the dome.


Once in the room, Olga saw that there were ordinary earthly people, men and women, who were in constant motion: they walked around the spacious room with an unnatural gait, like robots, their faces were distinguished by meaningless, idiotic smiles. This frightened Olga. She began to scream and demand to be released. The woman was very afraid to turn into a living corpse.

People in white coats took pity on their captive and released her. Olga fell down and woke up on her ottoman, and around her were familiar, familiar and safe things.

Source https://evmenov37.ru/puteshestvie-rossiyanki-v-gorod-mertvetsov.html



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On 7/1/2021 at 8:45 AM, peter said:

Hi Muzlaner ,welcome could  please quote the page number and  passage in its full context, this sounds interesting thank you


The post is taken from this Russian website, not from Icke's book:


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