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People are often asking how they can meet up with other truth seekers and I used to recommend the full circle project but that seems to have ended however I was listening to the fireside chat series on UKColumn and they mentioned a new group that is helping people to get networked called 'the freedom network' which encourages people to join their local freedom hub or even to set up their own freedom hub. Building a support network in your area may be a great help in these turbulent times


There is a map and you can see if there is a hub in your area:

Bringing communities together to take back their freedom.

The Freedom Network is a not-for-profit organisation. We stand for individual freedom. As business owners, teachers, care workers, doctors, and more, we represent all voices of the public. We bring together individuals, experts and like-minded groups to communicate, network, take action. We assist you in finding people, locally.


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I see their *get advice* / *events* and all pages really barr the homepage and Find-a-Hub are still to develop, but I like the title of the events page shown together with a photo (just a simplistic photo of people in summer clothes walking over some grass but okay I'll "buy the idea" so far, except it could be a photo of rain for my taste)...

Cool thing is it says on photo}}  "UpRise & Shine" 😀 Howabout "Uprise and Reign over Morbid Covid" 😜... 


They have a "contact us" page for visitors and interested individuals and beyond, but can't provide legal or human rites advice via email.. Maybe others over time can though especially if they attract on side professionals (as they want to include too) with the same ethos as what this is about for all of us as "individual sovereigns" which is a phrase I kinda like and used on landing page/ homepage.


Meanwhile, one maybe waiting (some time?) to "get advice" based presumably on pre-set guidelines still to come into sight, whilst further development of website takes shape... Looks that way...  

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