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Strange Goat/Creature Sighting. Possibly a Cryptid?

John Rice

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there was one time when I was a small child riding home from a trip near the forest when I did see some kind of odd purple-pinkish unicorn/goat like creature running across the side of the highway. I quickly told my parents about it, but they brushed it off as childish imagination. It could be just that, or it could be something else. Perhaps something from another dimension? Thoughts are appreciated.

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Children aren’t so conditioned by adult human ideas about reality and so the veil between this 3-d world and the (usually unseen/unheard) astral zones is thinner, so children can have ‘invisible friends’, perceive stuff thats not of this 3-d realm….especially if the child is more introverted/contemplative type and not deeply submerged into the attractions/distractions of the 3-d world.

The astral zones contain all number of ‘beings’ - still duality based polarities like 3-d - so there’s good and bad in them, just varied by degrees depending on which zone a person experiences. What is experienced depends on the vibrational state of consciousness of the ‘seer’. 


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