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The news I got today is that plucky Mrs C (who refused the vaccine) has defeated the "deadly virus". She got diagnosed with it some days ago and almost immediately her co-workers were saying, "Look what happened to her!" Well, yes, she was diagnosed and - by her account - easily recovered. This is a woman with diabetese and very poor health but she laughed off her "killer virus" encounter. Now, the staff are in awe. They genuinely were hoodwinked into the belief the Covid virus spells assured death. And now they witnessed a gutsy, oldish employee shrug it all off as no big a deal.
Of course, whatever the virus is, it can affect some people harder just as tree pollen does. However, many deaths must surely be connected to panic and extreme psychosomatic symptoms, spread by fear.
This virus is not a sure gate to death, by any stretch of the imagination. Many many cases I view as psychosomatic, fear induced, hysterical reaction, just as we saw in Sri Lanka back in 2007. Or in Europe around the 16th century. Sure, part of it lies in a virus unfamiliar to us but compare the real death stats with heart disease and strokes.
So to repeat:
No vaccine for me. Not now. Not ever.

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