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I haven't read the entire book yet, but Thomas Burgoyne's 'The Light of Egypt' has much to say about the number 9 which is described as a "sacred, guarded number" which "constitutes the Golden Key" and is the "perfect symbol of Deity". The chapter addressing the number 9 shows how many esoteric cycles reduce to this number. This includes the workings of the Zodiac, the great solar year of 25,920 accounting for precession of the equinoxes, and what is described as a "polar day" which equals one hundred solar years. Each Yuga period too of the Hindu system corresponds with the number 9.


Tables from the book provide summaries of some of the key cycles.








72, which reduces to 9, is also considered a master number as it takes 72 years for the sun to precess through one degree of the cycle (Zodiac wheel). This coincides with the number of accomplices said to have slain the Egyptian God Osiris and also with the 70 Elders initiated by Moses and Aaron (making 72 of them in total). According to the Zohar, Jacob's ladder had 72 degrees. Many other examples of the the use of 72 can be found here: https://thephoenixenigma.com/72-2/

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just chiming in here, i have always thought the meaning of numbers to be like this:

1 2 3 4 = 3 dimensions + 1 of time

5 = man

6 = the devil

7 = God

8 = infinity

9 = death

that's the basics of what i know eleven is important as it represents a gateway.

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