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24 minutes ago, peter said:

Yes ,a rather cynical person such as myself would have to ask why the reluctance  to possibly the greatest discovery ever made? and just maybe the seemingly constant refurbishment of the sphinx over recent years is a cover for some more nefarious goings on . It would not surprise me if when we have the eventual public unveiling the vault will be empty

that to had crossed my mind, as all the world governments are in cahoots with each other bro so yeah very possible

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I've been meaning to write something about types (of people i know) and response to the NWO. But to be honest, i can't see a definite pattern. It seems as though every type has it's own reasons for believing or resisting the scam.


1s - often inquisitive, and judgemental, they like to question. they want to be 'good', to be morally just. you can see where that leads... socially obedient 1s are the Karen's of the world, berating you for not being a good little sheep. alternately, 1s who know too much surely could not justify obeying something they know is deeply immorally wrong (i don't know any like that, but i assume that's how they'd feel about it).


2s - mixed bag, but from my exp mostly against. my mum has been against this from the very start. i have a christian friend who suspects much ungodliness in what's occurring (both unvaxxed). i guess on paper you'd expect the 2s to buckle and go along to appease, but actually underneath their exterior is a bullish 8 personality that doesn't want to be controlled.


3s- i know one for sure who is totally against, not enough info otherwise. again though like socially conscious 1s, they might comply to seamlessly fit into society.


4s - i used to know more 4s, one died. the easy question to answer is why they wouldn't comply. but if they obeyed, i'm not sure i could fathom that thought process... elite 4s are probably not immune to bribery.


5s- the ones i know i don't have enough contact with these days. compliance here i'd imagine associated with low i.q. a healthy dose of dunning-kruger. i'm sure they exist, but ordinarily i bet most 5s are questioning the crap out of it.


6s- mixed bag, but naturally given the type. my brother is unaxxed but doesn't quite believe the conspiratorial side of it. i have a friend who is x2 jabbed.


7s - mixed bag but hate having their options limited so i would guess on the whole are questioning. some probably just live on the beach and don't care what goes on in society. actually, probably the type most likely to get the jab because of the dangled carrot of being able to do things.


8s - some old guy i still see around x2 jabbed, mind you he's probably 80 ish. not enough info these days for 8s. compliance probably linked to low i.q. normally resistant i would guess.


9s - mostly compliant i've found, and naturally so given the type. the more interesting thing is why they wouldn't comply. i guess you don't want to push the most placid type too far, cause when they erupt you'll know about it.

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On 6/24/2021 at 3:16 PM, spideysensei said:

Genuinely surprised after searching that the topic had not been raised before.


Here's a very brief overview of the 9 types. https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions


This forum gives off a lot of 5 and 6 energy. David Icke himself is often typed as a "6w5", which seems plausible.


Because i deem this a 5 and 6 energy forum, i predict the first thing you'll attempt to do is tear it apart. Mystical nonsense, etc.

Here's my claim and counter to that - i would spend a week or more with you in person, and get a 1 in 18 shot right first time from a test you've taken.

Gotta admit, it's hard not to feel an ego boost when i pull this off in real life.


Anyway, have at it. I'll try to answer any questions.





I’m a 4w5. Strong 4 though. Totally fits me. Lol

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Quoted and submitted without adding response. Accident.
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On 8/18/2021 at 8:21 AM, Michelle T said:

I’m a 4w5. Strong 4 though. Totally fits me. Lol


With 4s i've noticed some initial ambivalence towards the system, "i can't be pigeon-holed or boxed",  but they are often able to overcome that feeling to see the real value of it, and end up being some of the most vocal champions (online at least).


Did you feel any conflict between your ego type - wanting to be unique & special - and the inevitable conclusion that there are millions of people who function in a similar way to you?



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So this is the first study (i use that term loosely here) on vax status and personality type that i've seen. https://nakedemperor.substack.com/p/a-little-psychological-experiment-5a4


It's the MBTI not enneagram, however you can cross reference to a degree. Basic results correlate with the types of people that spend most time online, so i wouldn't read anything too significant in this.


To break it down simply - the people least jabbed are introverts and intuitives, and most jabbed are extraverts and sensing types. I know plenty of exceptions in real life, but there may be a grain of truth to this.


Ironically, before i joined this forum i was a member of INTJ forum (the top type in this study of least jabbed), but on that forum they are hopelessly asleep on the issue. I had posts critical of covid taken down. Censorship is rife, with some of dumbest people you'd hope to come across.  I actually suspect some, let's call them nefarious agents, post there with certain social engineering aims in mind. I spent over 10 years as an active member there, but the covid era was the final straw for me.


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