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John McAfee found dead


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The Whackd token is only traded on McafeeDex so far as I can tell and that is in beta, i.e. unfinished and not generally accessible. So why would a dead man go to the trouble of utilising an unfinished coin to post his super important NFTs spilling the beans. Rug pull anybody? This has crypto scam written all over it at worst, at best it's another garbage alt coin that will spike stupidly for a while and then disappear back into the crypto sewer shortly after.

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On 6/25/2021 at 4:32 PM, Truthspoon said:

Monero collapses, McAfee who probably had all his money in Monero suddenly finds himself fucked and possibly over-leveraged..... can no longer bribe the people who may have protected him from whatever was coming after him.


Obviously not suicide though. I guess that should be the start point.


Jesus, Gandhi, Princess Di and, more recently, Gary Glitter. He joins the ever growing list of folks who wished they had joined the masons. What sort of life is it you are living, when you feel the need to join a gang for protection though? Or perhaps, more pertinently, what sort of society are you living in to begin with? He was obviously killed by the PTB; not some other gang. One can't easily organise a 'suicide' hanging in a prison cell, then cover it up afterwards, can they.    

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