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Evolution - Do you believe in it?


Do you believe in Evolution  

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  1. 1. Do you believe in Evolution

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Whilst considering the nature of reality and if this world is real I came upon an interesting thought. If we live in a matrix then it has to have been created and everything in it has to be created. In short a holographic reality actually is in support of Genesis and not of evolution.

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No, i do not believe in evolution.


I believe on earth, that intelligent life has come and gone(destroyed itself, or what ever), over and over again. Remember saying intelligent life, does not mean humans like us, it may of been a different version of intelligent life.


There is no missing link, as it never existed.


Evolution was made up by english, as they hated the power of catholic church, and there creation idea, in bible.


I personally believe humans were created, and different races of us.


Like in bible, it states that we are meant to by god to be separate races, and not be as one.


I believe humans as we know us, are around 6-10 thousand years here. I believe we were made, as latest idea of what intelligent life here on planet earth is.


I believe the pyramids of giza, were made by the last intelligent life before us, what ever form, or beings that form of intelligence was, as it does not have to be our form. I believe the pyramids of giza survived what ever happened to that stage of life, and stayed in place to touch our civilisation too. There is evidence of water erosion in giza complex, showing that its older then what humans say it is.

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I voted for not believing in evolution... 


If we evolved from the apes and therefore a superior "design" why do the apes still exist?  Surely they would have died out years ago?  Why loose all the fur then decide to put on clothes (which are made from the furs/skins of animals "lesser evolved"?)  How is that evolution? It makes no sense.  There's lots of evidence to say that there were other humans or beings more advanced than us in the past, i believe something catastrophic happened to wipe them out and we had to start again.  I believe this has probably happened many times over and we are overdue for another cataclysmic event, we are due to be wiped out again and it's being covered up.

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