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Isle of Wight -NO doctor consultation except by phone/videocall for unvaxxed


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Today I heard about someone I know who lives on the Ilse of Wight, who is no longer being offered in-surgery doctor appointments, but only phone (or video) consultations because they refuse the experimental Covid vaccine.

That's the first I've heard of that restriction. I don 't think it applies in other parts of the UK? Does it?

But what is going on in the Isle of Wight could easily influence other areas of the UK very soon, if not currently

That means no blood tests, no "hands-on" examination, and goodness knows whether it also includes any A&E emergencies??


Two fingers up to them if you don't need that kind of hands-on doctor appointment, but you're on your own if you do, if you're unvaxxed apparently.

This is disgusting. Another example of healthcare and probably even law, being shifted and changed unless one toes the "official" line....

Never happened with any other potentially killer disease vaccine (Polio, Tetanus, TB, etc)

I searched for a source link, to show this but it seems to have been whitewashed. Or I didn't put the right phrases in the DDGo search.

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