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Altruistic? My arse! ...


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On 6/17/2021 at 1:09 PM, webtrekker said:

'Selfless people are taking the vaccinations to help bring about herd immunity and save the lives of others.'


Its amazing just how much the medical books have been rewritten in the last year and a bit.


Vaccinations protect no-one but yourself. Having a vaccine only saves your own life.


And vaccines have nothing to do with 'herd immunity'.

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That's what the gen pop are telling each other to avoid facing the fact that they are obsequious slaves. They consciously believe that blindly following orders makes them "good people" but unconsciously they are just spineless cowards who are not spiritually or morally evolved enough to stand up for what is right. Unfortunately the consequences of the cowardice will affect more than just themselves. Their children and grandchildren, for example, will be living in a world so dysfunctional it can scarcely be described, whilst the rest of us are headed for a scapegoating of epic proportions.


We are already in the beginning stages of it. Airlines, employers, large scale events... that's just the beginning. Politicians are now openly facilitating the scapegoating of those who don't have the vaccine. It's out in the open. They are openly playing the people who take the vaccine off against the rest of the population and once again these fucking knuckle draggers will be retarded enough to fall for it.


I'm fucking tired.

I feel a hundred years old, and like I never, ever want to come back to this world. I feel absolutely defeated.

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