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Vaccinations mandatory, the evil spreads.


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Nick hand cock and B.J. blowjob boris johnson have announced that the vaxx is mandatory for all care home staff, this comes just after bj and hand cock did the same to nhs staff by changing the law to make the jab of slow death compulsory.

The measure set up by bj and hand cock are going to cause a  battle with staff in both services and could see the government sued under European human rights law or equalities legislation for breaching the freedom of people.

Bj and hand cock confirm they are pushing ahead with compulsory vaccination for people working in social care in England, despite employer and staff organisations in the sector warning that it could backfire and see workers quit rather than get immunised. Those working with adults will have 16 weeks to get vaccinated or be sacked. Bj and hand cock are also keen to make it mandatory for the remaining employees of NHS England and hope to spread this to all other sectors of the work place soon.

Hospital bosses are worried that bj and hand cock's  readiness to force staff to get vaccinated will  backfire against minority ethnic staff especally muslims as take-up rates are lower among them than among white NHS personnel. Persuading young female employees worried about the Covid vaccines affecting their fertility to get immunised has also been a problem in many trusts especally taking into account the massive injuries and infertility reports flooding in every day.

Bj and handcock's drive to make vaccination a contractual requirement for health workers has been boosted by NHS England, which had been concerned but changed its mind after the lastest budget and grant increases.

Laura Churchward, the director of strategy at University College London Hospital, said: “We probably have to accept it will have to become mandatory, we always knew it would."

In further news, nhs chief Simon stevens said he was ready for the arrival of new Covid treatments rushed out by help from the bill and melinda gates foundation.

It is hoped the drugs – neutralising monoclonal antibodies – will affect hospital cases and deaths and pressure on staff working to clear waiting lists of five million patients.

Sir Simon said: 'We expect that we will see many more therapies from bill gates that will treat coronavirus and severe illness and death.

'Today I'm asking the health service to gear up for what are likely to be a brand new category of experimental treatments, so-called neutralising monoclonal antibodies, which are potentially going to become available to us very soon and we are dying to try them out."

'But the truth is it it going to be very expensive and we should not reduce us to a narrative in which the NHS and the Government are always the supplicant holding out a bottomless begging bowl to the taxpayer. We really shouldn't.'



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"To Paraphrase :First they came for the Health Workers and I said nothing as I was not a Health Worker..."


Insidiously the Serpent is tightening it's coils.


Next it will be.....and then....eventually no benefits,I knew this was coming.


Make no mistake we are in a fight to the death with psychopaths.





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Did anyone see the government bitch on the bias one sided no truth allowed on t.v. bbc this morning announcing that vaccinations are being made compulsory for care workers, how or why any one can look at these people and believe a word they say is totally beyond me,i dont think im particularly gifted to spot bullshit+evil but that was a perfect example of what the world is up against now, satan unleashed, she or any of them wouldnt care if every care home in england burnt to the ground with every one in them and sitting there telling anyone stupid enough to listen that they want to protect people that (with all respect) would be better off dead anyhow . Laughable  and time for talk is over ,they are in desperation as cold and flu are gone at the minute and are playing for time till it returns, anyone normal will have a knot in their stomach at all this and devine itervention is needed as the sheeple have rolled over.

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