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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Talks the Talk, Walks the Walk!


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I always loved Pink Floyd. As a rock-band, their lyrics—especially in 'The Wall' album—are on point, even today. Roger Waters was approached by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg who offered Walters a nice sum of money for the use of the band's songs. Walter's reaction towards Zuckerberg is priceless.


Please read more and share this link: 



Although I am far from a Roger Waters, I permanently removed my Facebook account after Zuckerberg stone-faced lied before a congressional hearing on Facebook's antics and their relationship with Cambridge Analytica: Zuckerberg's, I play dumb act, was bullshit. The bottom line, Facebook sold out its users and subscribers for profit and data mining, and the CEO was fully aware. In addition, one of Facebook's managers working out of their Middle East office publicly admitted that Facebook played an important role in influencing the Arab Spring, so they were fully aware of their power to influence political outcomes.


Roger Waters should be an inspiration of the Power of One: multiply the Power of One exponentially by dumping Facebook, and sending a loud message to Zuckerberg and Facebook that enough is enough.

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