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Order of Merit, Sir David Attenborough, the Lord Jacob Rothschild and more

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I didn't know where to post this. I think there should be a separate forum category for Royalty and the Crown.


This is a qucik post, and I will add other information later, but I believe David Attenborough and Jacob Rothschild are closley connected with the Climate Change Agenda. 


Order of Merit


Eligibility and appointment


All citizens of the Commonwealth realms are eligible for appointment to the Order of Merit. There may be, however, only 24 living individuals in the order at any given time, not including honorary appointees, and new members are personally selected by the reigning monarch of the realms, currently Queen Elizabeth II, with the assistance of her private secretaries; the order has thus been described as "quite possibly, the most prestigious honour one can receive on planet Earth.





Who's who in the world's most exclusive club: Members of the Order of Merit join the Queen for lunch at Windsor Castle in a meeting that only happens once every two years





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I used to like David Attenborough. Had great respect for him and his highlighting issues on the planet that we need to pay attention to.


But he is a proponent of depopulation. Now even I agreed there were too many people about and numbers rising all the time and all the stuff that goes with that. But what creeps me out are the METHODS of depopulation. And that made me re-think the whole agenda. Bloody evil. So if he's into that ....well..... not just a case of a timely condom, is it?

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