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How is Covid-19 'seasonal' in the UK but not elsewhere in the world?


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It is pretty obvious they are trying to stretch this latest BS variant until flu season here in the UK so they can continue with the same bullshit they did last year and into this....re-designating deaths. 


I know Covid-19 is one of the cleverest 'viruses' ever known to man. It has eliminated the flu, It can tell the time, it knows the date, It knows the ages of people to infect, It understands length, It will not infect you if you are wearing a mask because you are obeying rules and NOW it has assigned specific times of the year it will kill people in different countries around the world!


Isn't the blindingly obvious staring the sleepers in the face? If this variant or any Covid-19 virus existed it would be killing people any time of year.....have you seen the temps in India when the Vindaflu was apparently rampant?


Apologies for those awake but I just had to state the obvious!


FFS if you are reading these posts and still standing up for this BS you need to wake up and wake up fast!!!!




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